OK, here is the situation at hand. Since I wrapped up a major outdoor project, I am finally tackling the long awaited inside living room entertainment center make over.

I am not really into HT, I am 98% music/vinyl; however since I'll have the ability to expand things a bit, I am thinking of adding in a new center speaker for TV/Movies to replace an older Def Tech small center I have.
The current set up is this: Bryston Model T mains converted to Signature series with PX1 outboard crossovers, EP800V4 with the 'switch' to the left side, EP500 to the rear and a Bryston Model T sub to the right. The main amps are a pair of Anthem M1 Statement mono blocks at 2000 watts per channel and I have a left over Parasound A51 5 channel amp which is there to drive the center at either 250w/8 ohms or 400w/4 ohms. That will leave me several other channels to drive a pair of QS10hp surrounds.

My question is this: the center from my experience is not really a heavy lifting speaker in terms of bass/mid and high output; it seems to be primarily voices and some effects in the center front. Perhaps I am wrong on this; but I was looking at the VP160 which is an 8 ohm or 6 ohm in HP version. I don't think I'd need the HP version as it's only slightly higher in power rating and I don't know how the Parasound would like a 6 ohm load. The VP180 looks like a monster and I don't know if that would be required for a guy who is not much of a HT type.... I watch occasionally, but its more about two channel stereo here. Is the VP160 up to the task based on the set up I have? Again, I am not a heavy hitter with HT.


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