Aw dang. When the say hybrid for this amp, I think the output stage is solid state. I thought hybrid meant the rectifier was solid state. I assumed because there are two sets of tubes, one is for the pre-amp and the other for the final stage. Silly me.

I really do want to hear a tube amp. It might be cool for the office. It's been 35 years since I've heard and worked with tubes. I repaired a lot of tube radios and TVs back in high school. I even built my own amp back then from scrap gear but had no idea what to listen for.

I want a real tube amp. Maybe I should build my own. I could use the gorgeously simple but oomphy linear power supply Andrew built for the ADA. smile But I need higher rails and more windings on that heavy donut.

BTW, a tube amp doesn't offer higher fidelity. But I can understand how ear-brains might like it.