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#100639 - 06/28/05 08:21 PM Center channel
Ghis Offline
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Hello everyone,

2 questions today. I presently have 2 M50, a pair of QS4 and an EP125 but my center channel is a JBL EC25. Having another brand of speaker for the center channel, does it make a big difference? If so, what would be my best choice: The 100 or the 150? The room is 16 X 12X 7. Should i also make a move for the EP175?

Thank's for your advice

#100640 - 06/28/05 08:56 PM Re: Center channel
F107plus5 Offline

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To get the most accurate pans, a center that matches the mains works best.

Actually you have another choice in centers; A lot of folks use either an M2 or an M3 as center with good results. The M3 would be the best in this application as the speakers both use the same complement of components.

The VP150 may be a bit large for your room, but not too much!!

#100641 - 06/28/05 09:27 PM Re: Center channel
bugbitten Offline

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I agree the M3 6.5 matches better with your 50's. If you need a horizontal, the VP100 is no slouch!

#100642 - 06/28/05 11:52 PM Re: Center channel
Ken.C Offline
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I really like our VP100. It's a very nice speaker. My wife likes it even more than I do! She has frequently commented that she can finally understand what people are saying in movies and on TV... I also have the M50s and QS4s. I'm not all that demanding (apparently), but it seems to match pretty darn well, even with music.
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#100643 - 06/28/05 11:53 PM Re: Center channel
bridgman Offline

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You will also notice the mismatched center when playing music. That is still where I find the biggest difference between matched and unmatched speaker systems.

I would add another vote for the M3 center if you can live with a vertical speaker. I have a VP100 and am really happy with it as well...
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#100644 - 06/28/05 11:57 PM Re: Center channel
pizoni Offline
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For 12': VP100 (more than enough!).VP150 is for wider rooms (and people watching TV from the sides).

#100645 - 06/28/05 11:59 PM Re: Center channel
pmbuko Offline
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It's important to remember that even with perfectly matched speakers, say M80s all around, they will likely sound a bit different due to their positioning in the room. I think mixing and matching any Axiom models is pretty safe.
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#100646 - 06/29/05 12:10 AM Re: Center channel
F107plus5 Offline

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Absolutely!! I was running three identical Axiom bookshelf speakers across the front in my old system, and while using pink noise to set the levels, they all sounded decidedly different from each other. I even swapped the little devils around from location to location, but the relative sound differences pretty well stayed in place!

Another point on centers: If your seating in your listening room is fairly wide spread, a horizontal center like the VP100 will give you a somewhat wider sweet spot than the more restricted off-axis responce of a vertical bookshelf.(VP150, better yet!)

#100647 - 06/29/05 12:59 AM Re: Center channel
powerwindow Offline
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I'm definitely a newcomer when it comes to this stuff, but I have learned a lot lately. Speaking with Alan Lofft he said the pink noise is the most demanding test for tonal consistency across the front stage. Room acoustics will have a great impact on this and in most setups at home, inherent acoustic issues with windows, furniture, etc. it may be impossible to get perfect tonal matching up front, even with all three being the same. That being said my little bit of knowledge would also vote for keeping all fronts within the same family of speakers, thus improving tonal consistency as best possible.
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#100648 - 06/29/05 07:54 AM Re: Center channel
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Works for me!

I was required to go with floorstanders when moving into a larger home, and I stayed within the same component family of drivers, and even with those more than slight variations in room induced tonal variations, the panning I hear across the front(and to the rear as well)is nearly perfect.

In my room, and to my ears.......Works great!!

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