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#118581 - 12/22/05 02:16 PM Re: ok. HSU VTF 3 MK2.....OH, OH, maybe
jinhan Offline

Registered: 10/26/05
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Glad you liked the Rel150... That is another sub that has been well regarded for music. Will Magnolia let you do an in-home trial?

One thing I've noticed is that its hard to compare subwoofers in a show room. I remember going to Tweeters to look at the Martin Logan Grotto and the Velodyne SPL1200. I thought the ML Grotto kicked the Velodyne's butt in terms of tightness and accuracy, but it turns out that they did a poor job calibrating the Velodyne. The two subwoofers were also in a different room. I heard the Velodyne again after it was properly placed and calibrated, and the differences were not as pronounced.

The Rel may be the subwoofer for you, but I just wanted to make sure that the comparisons were made under close to ideal sitations.

#118582 - 12/22/05 03:17 PM Re: ok. HSU VTF 3 MK2.....OH, OH, maybe
thyname Offline

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Loc: Oakton, VA
Magnolia don't let you a home trial, but of course you can return it in 30 days (I think you have to pay a restocking fee though).

I agree it is hard to compare them in a show room, even after one hour listening. The room was pretty good and they let me close the doors. They placed them in two opposite corners with Boston Ac. speakers in center. A deciding factor for my decision was the ability of REL to better blend with the music, I even had a hard time noticing when it was on. I am not sure how they had set them up initially. All I know is that they were connected using low-level audioquest subwoofer cables, and I was able to play with the controllers and Crossoffs of either one. As I explained before, I was looking for a "stereo" sub, even though I know that this one can do a good job in HT for me in the future.

One more note: it looks so small and has a great WAF :-) My big room may be a problem for now, but sooner or later I am moving. In a long-term plans of mine, I can still use REL in my second, stereo-only system, after buying a more powerfull and bigger sub for my HT, but of course these are long term plans ;-) I always think about separates plus bookshelves plus a nice musical, sealed sub (just like REL) for my future dedicated stereo.
Axiom M60s, QS4s, VP100 Onkyo TX-SR804 Oppo 970HD Rotel RB-1080/RCD-1072 REL Q150E sub, PS 3

#118583 - 12/22/05 06:28 PM Re: ok. HSU VTF 3 MK2.....OH, OH, maybe
jinhan Offline

Registered: 10/26/05
Posts: 156
Sounds like you are the man with the plan.

I think your plan is a very reasonable, and one I hope to emulate. Eventually I would like to purchase music only set up.

#118584 - 12/24/05 09:08 AM Re: ok. HSU VTF 3 MK2.....OH, OH, maybe
daman Offline

Registered: 12/01/02
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I just got my new VTF-3 MKII last week. A great all around performer. Does music better than I expected. I'm going to have to try out these Axiom speakers. I had a pair of Michuara 55's but sold them. They were made by Axiom, should have kept them. Alot like the M22's. Enjoy the new sub I know I am (LOL).
Later, Daman

#118585 - 12/24/05 10:47 AM Re: ok. HSU VTF 3 MK2.....OH, OH, maybe
bugbitten Offline

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Loc: Madisonville, KY
In reply to:

I'm going to have to try out these Axiom speakers.

Congrats on a great sub.

Of course I am a believer, but, I love the neutral sound of my Axioms. You should try the new Axioms.

Merry Christmas,

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