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#121916 - 12/27/05 03:31 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
WJJ Offline

Registered: 12/27/05
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Loc: Louisiana
I have just found this forum, due to my search for my own system and the great reviews of the Axiom speakers. Above is a post about the Infinity Primus speakers for a budget system. My sister had asked me to buy a system for my nephew, and not spend over $800. After a lot of searching, I ordered 2 of the 150's, an MC 25 for center, the PS10 sub, and 2 150's were free for the back speakers. All for $469 from VANNS. I then bought a Marantz 4500 for $298 from Hippo. With the small amount left over I bought off the shelf Monster 16 gauge speaker wire. I just listened to the system, and while I am sure it is no match for a system with Axiom speakers, it sounded absolutely fabulous for the small investment.

Also interesting but not bought was the HTIB sytems from H/K, which if bought refurished from the H/K ebay store are very low cost.

Now, I am off and running looking for a new system for myself to replace my NAD and B & W system destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Without a doubt I will include the Axiom M22Ti's as the start, but I haven't yet decided on the sub, center, and surrounds.

#121917 - 12/27/05 04:15 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
sonicfox Offline

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EDIT: I think I like John's suggestion of the speakers (Infinity Primus 150) better than mine, and now we have a reliable source who have heard these speaker, our newest member, WJJ. Welcome WJJ! There is also a lot more information about these speakers on the internet and more of a chance for you to find these locally to listen for yourself. They are so cheap, maybe I'll even pick up a pair!
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#121918 - 12/27/05 07:48 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
WJJ Offline

Registered: 12/27/05
Posts: 9
Loc: Louisiana
Thanks for the welcome, NOTE: the sale pricing on the Infinity Primus speakers and "free" 150's with a $398 purchase are only good thru 12/31. After that, while I still think the sound is good, the great value is less in that the regular pricing of the set is around $750.

#121919 - 12/27/05 11:02 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
bugbitten Offline

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I installed one of these in my son's room this Christmas. Simple to operate. Can be metered for levels. I just might suit their needs.

#121920 - 12/28/05 07:01 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
barilkobart Offline
old hand

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Check out SV Sound's SVS-01 system.
5.1 system with a PB10 sub for $899.

#121921 - 12/28/05 07:50 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
md55 Offline

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Stereophile gave the Primus 150's an excellent review. I don't think you can beat them at the VANNS price. In this situation I don't see the necessity of surround sound. I would also question an HD plasma. Pretty pricey for your folk's taste. Is their vision and taste such that an EDTV plasma wouldn't be more appropriate? If the wieght and bulk aren't an overriding issue (doesn't sound like they will ever move whatever you get) a 34" CRT might be a better value. What is the distance they are going to sit from the screen. I think it is easy to get carried away with what we would like but it sounds like cost is #1. I'm still living with a 27" 480i tv and we get a lot of enjoyment out of it. It is the mains and center that make 85% of the difference in the experience. The sub is less relevent in many cases if you aren't watching action flicks.

#121922 - 12/28/05 08:45 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
Ray3 Offline

Registered: 02/02/04
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Mark, looks like you are getting plenty of input. What a nice thing to be involved with. I'd like to try and help with a TV suggestion.

Take a look at this Panasonic Commercial Plasma . Newegg gets exceptionally high marks for price and customer service (I ordered my Panny from them). A secondary (and equally as good) source is Visual Apex . Their prices are even a bit better, though I don't know what their shipping costs might be.

Based on extensive research, I got one for the new house in June and it is terrific. Circuit City and Best Buy carry the Consumer model if you want to see the quality of the picture.

It's an EDTV. That means the SD picture comes in great and it does very well with an HD signal. It is simply the panel with no tuner/no speakers. You'll hook it up to a cable or satellite tuner and receiver/speakers anyhow, so there is no need to pay extra for a TV that has those things.

Easy to wall mount.

Hope this is helpful.


#121923 - 12/30/05 05:01 AM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
nitram Offline

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I'd strongly recommend skipping the surrounds. I have 3.1 in my projector-based HT -- M3Ti L/R, VP100 C, TN-1220HO sub -- and I'm very happy with it. It'll save you the cost of 2 speakers, and all the wiring, mounting and receiver setup associated with the surrounds. With a center, you get control of dialog volume, and pin dialog to the screen, and for most movies the surround effects aren't important. With 3.1 you get a lot of sound information already.

Heck, if they're not fussy about bass, you could get 3 M3Tis (which has nice bass extension for a small speaker), skip the sub, and have a pretty darn good HT system. That would give good control of dialog volume, not compromise sound quality for anything but true bass, be very simple, and be cat friendly. Subs are always floor mounted after all.

Not to change the topic, but my TN-1220HO looks amazingly like a scratching post.


#121924 - 12/30/05 12:16 PM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
bridgman Offline

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How about moving all of your existing equipment to your parents house and visiting frequently ? Their room has nicer dimensions -- moving there would probably fix some of your most challenging room problems
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#121925 - 01/25/06 09:24 AM Re: My Mother (and Father) of All Posts!
MarkSJohnson Offline
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I just wanted to take a minute to apologize to all who were so helpful on this thread. A day or two after posting it, I took in a big job that has had me working almost around the clock for the last couple of weeks, and I never got a chance to thank all of you for your input.

My mom is stalling now in selling the dining room set, even though she agreed to let my dad use the "dining room" for a HT/TV room. He's not pushing it at the moment since he's not excited about the Superbowl any more (Pats fan!). So, the project is on hold.

Still, though, I think I have a very good sense of what is likely the most suitable equipment for them and anticipate they'll do it in the not-too-distant-future. Thanks again for all your help!
::::::: No disrespect to Axiom, but my favorite woofer is my yellow lab :::::::

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