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#123815 - 01/11/06 12:49 AM Thanks Everyone!
tmwsiy17 Offline
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After posting a few questions and receiving carefully thought out responses, and subsequently dissappearing w/o appropriately thanking those that responded, I wanted to thank you for the advice given to me and others.

I am a newcomer to the higher end audio/video world and have learned a tremendous amount about speakers, receivers, subs, configuration, troubleshooting, beer (my favorites are Hair of the Dog - Doggie Claws aged at least 2 to 3 years and Terminal Gravity IPA), and many music recommendations through these boards.

I've always been a lover of music and I am now discovering the enjoyment of home theater. I am now on the path of utter addiction and foresee myself endlessly tweeking speaker location, angles, etc. to get dialed in. It doesn't help either that I've got a new couch on the way which will change the room dynamics and will have to start over again!

Anyway, to make a long post longer and to reitirate what others have said, I am rediscovering my long lost CDs (and now w/ my wife!) as my axioms are amazing.

To quickly praise the speakers (M22s and EP350 in my living room and M3s, QS4s, VP100 and EP350-moved from living room into the den), I am blown away and usually end up with Goosebumps.

I've gone through the Diana Krall Catalog and each cd is stunning. I also pulled out a Tuatara-Breaking the Ethers CD that was long/lost and cannot stop listening to it. My Corea/Hancock CD is also in endless rotation.

I also finally watched WOTW and Finding Nemo. Amazing. I'm glad I got this hooked up in the middle of winter in Oregon, because the weather is not really conducive to outside pleasures right now!

Well thanks again to everyone and I look forward to more discussions in the future.

Finally, I'm running the speakers off of an Integra DTR 7.6 and my DVD/CD Player is an Integra DPC 8.5, both of which are very user friendly and have well written manuals. I have no complaints on either with one exception(on the DVD player the random is truly random, so you may get some repeats or 3 songs off one cd before changing and it may take an hour to hear the 6th CD-but it's really not that big of a problem). Actually, the DPC 8.5 is only getting better with time (about 2 weeks in and the quality seems to keep getting better!). Not sure if the DAC takes a while to warm up or other components/cables, etc., but I'm only becoming more enthused (a little JGB doesn't hurt either right now).

Good Night All!

#123816 - 01/11/06 02:57 AM Re: Thanks Everyone!

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I like your choice of beer. You from Oregon as well?

#123817 - 01/11/06 10:04 AM Re: Thanks Everyone!
Ajax Offline

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You're welcome! Reading posts like yours makes everything we do here worthwhile.

"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton

#123818 - 01/11/06 11:55 AM Re: Thanks Everyone!
SirQuack Offline
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Beer and Diana Krall
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#123819 - 01/11/06 02:00 PM Re: Thanks Everyone!
tomtuttle Offline

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Right on. Welcome. Contribute.

And make sure you get that new couch broken in properly before evaluating its impact on your system.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem

#123820 - 01/12/06 07:45 AM Re: Thanks Everyone!
DL30 Offline

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How does Phish sound? I mean good recordings, not 10th generation bootlegs

#123821 - 01/12/06 10:47 AM Re: Thanks Everyone!
KC23 Offline

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Did somebody forget to mention about the mandatory pics required?

Let see that nice system of yours.

#123822 - 01/14/06 01:42 PM Re: Thanks Everyone!
tmwsiy17 Offline
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DL 30 - Phish always sounds good to me in any system! But I'm going through the Island Run now and it sounds really nice. I'm going through my catalog and will be pulling out some nice aud recordings later today.

KC 23, As soon as I procure a digital camera, pics will be posted my friend!


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