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#131805 - 03/14/06 04:32 PM VP 150 holding me back...
corsabrin Offline

Registered: 02/28/06
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I am leaning towards purchasing a full Axiom HT setup, but the only thing really holding me back is the center channel speaker. I am concerned about the sound quality, off axis sound and that it is not a three way design. I have always beleived that you should never compromise on the center channel and if I upgrade from my current Infinity center, I do not want to the VP 150 to be a disappointing choice. Do I have anything to worry about? Most of the seating in my room is off to the sides and I want that to sound just as good as when I am sitting right in front.


#131806 - 03/14/06 04:39 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
Gena Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
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I bought initially VP100 and it was not quite there. Maybe because I have a large room. I exchanged it for VP150, it was the greatest improvement. Much better voice delivery, very clear sound.

#131807 - 03/14/06 04:43 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
Ken.C Offline
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I think it is hard to judge a speaker merely by looking at its design (ie, 2 way vs 3 way). See if you can find someone around who has one, so you can listen to it and judge it that way.
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#131808 - 03/14/06 04:59 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
Ajax Offline

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None of us can say if you would find the VP150 disappointing. How one feels about a speaker is completely subjective, and unpredictable.

However, give it a try in your own home, and should you NOT be satisfied, within 30 days you can return it for a complete refund. There is no better way to judge a speaker than in your own room, with your own equipment. It would cost you the return shipping, but I doubt you'd find the shipping charge to Buffalo, for one speaker, excessive.

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#131809 - 03/14/06 07:18 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
SirQuack Offline
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I've owned lots of center channels from many speaker manufacturers, and the VP150 is the best one I've ever owned so far. Not sure why a 3 way design is so important to you? My VP150 fills my large HT room very nicely, of course nobody sits off to the side in my room.
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#131810 - 03/14/06 07:40 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
kingaljr Offline

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My room is about 12 by 22 and I sit along one wall about 11 feet away with 2 chairs across from me.Sitting in the middle isn't a option and my 150 sounds beautifull anywhere in the room.For a center you don't really need a full range speaker.
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#131811 - 03/14/06 07:42 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
neb Offline

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I simply do not understand the discussion about the 150. It fits my 80s perfectly... and they would be the speakers that would tend to 'overpower' the 150. the 150... it works flawlessly in creating the so called 'seamless soundstage'...

As mentioned above, you can always return it....

You won't.

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#131812 - 03/14/06 07:49 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
snakeyes Offline

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YMMV but i love my vp150 it matches my 60's and has no prob off axis. room is 12 by 20 have 4 (all sound spots sound great) recliners about 16 ft away.
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#131813 - 03/14/06 09:01 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
Nat Offline
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It blends well with the other Axiom speakers and is a very good speaker. Like the guys said above, you can always return it, or even order another one and connect them in parallet. It is really a very good speaker.

Nothing should keep you away from the outstanding M80's.
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#131814 - 03/14/06 09:08 PM Re: VP 150 holding me back...
FirebirdTN Offline

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A couple have mentioned the only way to judge is to try it in your own home; agreed, but I understand EXACTLY where the OP is coming from.

To make a long story short, I have done EXHAUSTIVE web research on this very subject. In short, the typical 2 way horiztonally oriented MTM design is not the best design to use as a center channel. If your sitting directly in front of it, you won't have any problems. Sit off to the side, and that is where the trouble starts. I can't count the number of times watching a movie, and someone asks "what did they say?".

I have read a few nay-sayers reguard the design of the VP150 as a bad design since it has two tweeters on either end of the speaker, but I'll bet that it is actually a GOOD design when it comes to horizontal dispersion; probably way better than the typical horizontal-oriented MTM.

As to why 3-way centers are often desired; if you have a "MTM" center, but have a separate midrange/vertical tweeter, it really helps in the horiztonal dispersion, and you don't get the cancellation effects in the critical vocal range that you do with a 2 way MTM.

Oddly enough, a *vertically* oriented MTM would be a very good choice as a center if maximum horizontal dispersion is your goal.

I know this didn't help the OP, but I understand where they are coming from.


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