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#138948 - 05/22/06 01:10 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
medic8r Offline

Registered: 02/05/06
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Stone__Man, is that you?

Or has Stoney recruited Mike into his legion?

Mike, I'm not here to flog you, or plaster you, or anything like that. There is nothing wrong with you hating homosexual acts. That's just how your brain is programmed - to be a heterosexual. It's not as if you have to stop and think which gender you are interested in when you go out on dates, right? The answer is obvious to you and has been since puberty.

I really believe that for gays/lesbians, the same is true. It's not a choice for them either; they are just being who they are. Being true to themselves, just as God made them.

As an aside: sometimes I suspect that God is wondering not whether we all can be heterosexual, as many who quote the Bible would have you believe, but rather how those of us who are will act towards those who are not. To me, tolerance, kindness, and humility have always been some of the biggest virtues. And the ones that Jesus seemed to especially like. Jesus, the original liberal!

Regarding Peter, the only time I have seen him stern (not even angry, really) was this weekend when he confronted Stone__Man on his behavior. Peter's posts are funny and, yes, he does indeed sound like a wonderfully nice chap. And in my line of work, I have to be a good judge of character.
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#138949 - 05/22/06 01:58 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
sonicfox Offline

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Not that I need to thrown in my opinion here, but I don't really think mdrew meant to step on any toes. It's just that his use of the word "queer" was politically incorrect which he has apologized for. He obviously knew the movie was about two gay men before he started watching it, and if he was so homophobic, he wouldn't have even considered it in the first place. He's not alone being uncomfortable with the first tent scene. Personally, I loved the scene, but I'm a gal . But even so, it was totally unexpected and even pointless. It happened so suddenly with barely a hint of seduction or even sexual tension. It was simply a total act of lust and made the story confusing in my opinion. I didn't see any passion between these men (at the beginning of the movie) to convince me they were actually head over heels in "love" when they left eachother on Brokeback Mountain.

Anyway, I didn't come on here to review the movie, but just to say that I think I understood mdrew's point.

Sorry if I butted in!
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#138950 - 05/22/06 06:43 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
AdamP88 Offline

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I've known Peter for 27 years, so I don't need to search his posts to realize that "never ending anger at the world" is not a term that describes him with any degree of accuracy. And I never recall twisting any of your words to mean something else, but perhaps I missed it.

Regardless, I think things got a little blown out of proportion here. Maybe it's just another case where words typed out on the internet are taken the wrong way cause you can't hear how they were said or see the person saying them, but when you start out with "the queers in that disgusting movie" surely you've got to understand that it's going to be taken as more than a little hostile by some?

#138951 - 05/22/06 07:30 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
pmbuko Offline
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27 years? Geez, man, you're getting old!
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#138952 - 05/22/06 09:08 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
SirQuack Offline
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I'm not sure I would speak on God's behalf, or Jesus for that matter, its obvious you don't know God's word based on your responses. Sorry Mark, didn't intend to hijak your thread...continue..
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#138953 - 05/22/06 10:02 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
medic8r Offline

Registered: 02/05/06
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I agree. No need to go any further into religion (or politics) on boards like these. It usually just degenerates the board. I will, however, send you a PM in reply, to outline the gospel of medic8r.
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#138954 - 05/22/06 10:38 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
JaimeG Offline

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In reply to:

God's word

Well, it's not exactly God's word but a man own interpretation of God. Is it?

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#138955 - 05/22/06 10:48 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
michael_d Offline

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Thomas….is it “here in Portland” or yourself that would label me? If it’s the later, let’s hear it. And what would that label be? I suspect you think I have a pointy white hat too? Since when is “negro” not PC?? As pissed or offended that my “horrible words” may have been to you, I can assure you that your veiled bigotry reference to me and Mississippi has made me even angrier. Down right F-ing pissed.

Thank you Marry. You summed it up perfectly and what you wrote took some serious gumption.

Doc, I appreciate your reply, but you thesis statement pretty much blew it out of the water for me. Remember, not everyone lives in a region where Homosexuality is a common thing. Even though two of my sisters are lesbian, one would never know unless they knew them very well. I’ve apologized for what I said on my own accord realizing too late that it was wrong….. Even though to me, where I live, the terms are used quite commonly. Your judgment in character is not one that I trust now.

I dreaded opening up this thread this morning and did so only because I’ve offended some and do feel bad about that. I’ve tried to make amends and ended up making things worse. I will not be trying to do that anymore, but will however make sure that what I did write does not get twisted. When the dust settles, I'll be saying my goodbye's to a very select few board members.


#138956 - 05/22/06 11:49 AM Re: Funny or offensive?
medic8r Offline

Registered: 02/05/06
Posts: 6469
Loc: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Precisely. The main beef I have with religion is how everybody's so sure that they and only they have the right answer. I can offer my opinion/interpretation, but I realize that it's just that, and it's no big deal to me if mdrew or sirquack agree or not. Believe what you will, it's fine to me as long as no one gets killed or otherwise suffers because of it. I know that "suffers" covers a lot of ground, but anyway ...

It just seems that with conviction and intense belief, compassion should not be lost. Of course, if there are things that your convictions tell you not to tolerate, I understand that. I may just not agree with you on that issue.

I'll go back to my corner now.

sirquack, I guess this will substitute for that PM I was going to send you.

Anyway, I think that this discussion and others like it can be good to stimulate thought. Shame that it always seems to end up with name-calling and people picking up their ball and going home.
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#138957 - 05/22/06 12:28 PM Re: Funny or offensive?
ThunderRd Offline

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Although I am Catholic I have embraced some parts of other religions. I am currently in my 23rd year of rumspringa.

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