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#143324 - 07/11/06 07:49 PM M3's or M22's for Surrounds
TrapVector Offline

Registered: 05/11/06
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I bought 2xM-60's, 1xVP-150, 2xQS-8's, & an EP-350 a few months ago. Wouldn't ever go back to what I had. Never even considered returning them either. I'm thinking about getting the same setup for my father, but the room they would be placed in isn't suitable for the quadpolar QS8's. So with the above mentioned setup, I'm looking for advice on whether to get M3's or M22's to serve as the surrounds. I appreciate any feedback.

#143325 - 07/11/06 09:08 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: TrapVector]
Jc Offline


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Hi TrapVector,

I would be very curious to see a sketch of your parents’ room. Axiom has tested a multitude of different room configurations and there was not a single one where a direct or di-pole speaker was superior to an Axiom QS “Quadpolar” speaker.
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#143326 - 07/11/06 09:31 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: TrapVector]
HomeDad Offline

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I'm guessing for your fathers room it is more of a placement issue rather than not wanting the QS8's, I think you would be fine with either choice as a surround, I'm sure someone will jump in and comment on which of the two would match best with the M60's sound wise.
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#143327 - 07/12/06 01:52 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: TrapVector]
INANE Offline

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M2's as surround perhaps?
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#143328 - 07/12/06 03:44 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: TrapVector]
alan Offline


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Hi TrapVector,

If you'd prefer to use direct radiators for surrounds, the M22 and M2 tonal balance is closer to the M60s than the M3s'.
If the room is on the larger side (greater than 2,500 cu. ft), get the M22s, if smaller, the M2s will be fine.
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#143329 - 07/13/06 06:18 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: alan]
TrapVector Offline

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Hello Jc, Homedad, INANE, and Mr. Loft.
Placement is indeed the issue at hand. Their family room where the speakers will go opens to a kitchen, which is separated by a three foot high ledge. Their couch is pushed back against the ledge. The surround speakers would sit on either side of this ledge, which is why I don't want to get the QS8's. That said, the room is 17.5 x 13.5 feet, so I think that's just under 2500 cubic feet. Looks like M2's it is. I appreciate all the advice. I know it is honest.

#143330 - 08/19/06 02:09 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: TrapVector]
ajbriddell Offline

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This reply may be late, but helpful..
I have a 7.1 (actually a 6.1) set-up. Fronts are M-22tis, VP-150 Center, QS-8's for surrounds, and M-2's for rear surrounds.

I started with a second set of QS-8's for the rear surrounds, but because of the open nature of my theater room I was not happy with the second set of QS-8's. I returned them for a pair of M2's so the rear surround was directed back at the listening environment.


I highly recommend this set-up. I have an SVS 25-31+ sub and my basement thunders when I watch movies.

I love the QS-8's, they just were not right for my setting.

Just my humble opinion and advice..


#143331 - 08/19/06 04:20 PM Re: M3's or M22's for Surrounds [Re: TrapVector]
SirQuack Offline
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I would also like to see a sketch, normally the surrounds for 5.1 go to the left/right of the listening position, unless you don't have that as an option. I prefer the Q's for surrounds, but that is just me.
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