Thanks to Brigman for posting the pics for me. I been trying to post those to have people give me ideas as to where to put bass traps or acoustic treatments in the room to help out with sound. I for one have no idea if those things would help my sound in the room. Anyway, my ideal idea for the room is to actually build a risor for the love seat and put the couch up front or vise versa. The room itself is 24 feet. I think the love seat is 15 feet from the tv so I think I could in the future move the couch infront, but the way the walls are built I think I have to have the speakers behind me to the left and the right. In the future I plan on putting a projector right above the love seat about 1ft behind it so that will give me an additional 2 ft from the screen. Biggest problem I have is that I have a very small house. I have nowhere to put that awesome tv and I don't want to sell it. OH well guess I'll have to build onto the house so I'll have a room to put it in. I really want the total theater feel. I am close as it is, but I hooked a projector up from the school this summer and it made the room into a theater. So far I am very happy with the room that my father and I built out of my basement. Anyway more suggestions would be wonderful. Ideas??? Thanks again to brigman for posting these for me.
7.1 theater room
60 fronts vp180 center 4 qs8's ep500 sub

3.0 tv room
m3's vp150 center