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#149745 - 10/19/06 01:25 AM Configuration for Outlaw 990/Epic 60/500 system
icehawk21 Offline

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Fellow Axiom Owners,

I have just put together my new HT system consisting of the Epic 60/500 5.1 and Outlaw Audio 990/7125 combo. I have been playing around with various receiver/speaker settings and was curious how other Outlaw/Axiom owners have configured their systems. Specifically I am wondering about speaker size, crossovers, and possibly channel configurations (particularly the subwoofer). Any help/advice would be appreciated. I am fairly new to higher-end audio as my previous experience was the cheaper HTIB systems with limited configuration options.

Any advice is appreciated. I know that I have been fairly vague in my request but I assume that it will get more specific as I read some replies.

Thanks in advance!


#149746 - 10/19/06 01:48 AM Re: Configuration for Outlaw 990/Epic 60/500 system [Re: icehawk21]
HomeDad Offline

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Bryan, the most common settings that many of us use are setting the speakers to small, the sub to bypass and setting the crossover to 80-hz in the receivers setup. Here is a link on setting up a sub and crossover written by Alan.Sub setup
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#149747 - 10/19/06 02:30 AM Re: Configuration for Outlaw 990/Epic 60/500 system [Re: icehawk21]
JohnK Offline
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Bryan, as Michael said, the most common configuration is to set all speakers "small" with an 80Hz crossover between them and the sub. Now, if you've used the automatic setup that your 990 has, it may have made different settings, in particular it may have set the M60s "large" because of their good bass response. Despite this, since your EP500 is even better in this area, you should manually use the small/80 setting. Since the 990 allows for different crossover settings for the different speaker groups you might want to try 100Hz for the QS8s and/or VP150, but a uniform 80Hz setting might be as good as anything; experiment.

As far as the setting of speaker levels and distances, the automatic setup that the 990 does can be relied upon to do that accurately.

By the way, on your other question, use the spikes if you want to have the M60s more firmly set into the carpet, but there's no discernible effect on the sound involved.

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#149748 - 10/19/06 12:55 PM Re: Configuration for Outlaw 990/Epic 60/500 system [Re: JohnK]
icehawk21 Offline

Registered: 04/23/06
Posts: 118
Thanks guys!

Yah, I had done some research indicating small/80 as a good starting point. This is how I have them setup currently.

I haven't been able to run the auto-setup as my left surround in-wall speaker wire isn't working. In fact, the builder is here inspecting it as I type this and it appears that when they hung the drywall/insulation the wire got pinched/terminated somehow. Now I need to the builder to punch a hole in the drywall to fix it - yikes!

The main thing I need to work on is the subwoofer placement/calibration. Sometimes it seems a little boomy and rattles the walls/window blinds! It was particularly bad last night. Any suggestions on the best way to configure the subwoofer placement/calibration?

Thanks for the advice!


#149749 - 10/19/06 12:56 PM Re: Configuration for Outlaw 990/Epic 60/500 system [Re: JohnK]
SirQuack Offline
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I echo the others. My Denon 2805 auto setup always puts my 60's and VP150 to large for whatever reason. I always switch them back to small with an 80hz crossover on the Denon and "bypass" on my EP500. Works best overall for me.
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#149750 - 10/24/06 01:30 PM Re: Configuration for Outlaw 990/Epic 60/500 system [Re: icehawk21]
jakeman Offline

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My brother has the 990/7125. Outlaw's bass management function in the 990 is one of the best I've seen. With the flexibility to set crossovers for each individual channel, its something you should experiment with. In my brothers HT he has each speaker set with different crossovers and it sounds very good.

The key is your individual room acoustics so you would have to listen closely. While 80hz is the well accepted standard, I prefer to set the crossovers as low as I can while still getting good blending (ie. level FR and phase) with the sub.

Settings worth experimenting with would be setting the M60s to 60hz (1/2 octave higher than the 37hz+/- FR on the 60s;
80-100hz on the QS8s; and 60-80hz on the VP150. On the centre I would listen to male voices for naturalness and set the crossover accordingly.


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