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#157187 - 01/30/07 11:27 PM Tweeter Twouble!
danmagicman7 Offline

Registered: 12/16/05
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Well, it's been a while, fellow Axiomites!

I've been away from college and my Axioms for a while (a month and a half) from being gone on Christmas break and studying abroad in London for three weeks.

Anyways, I get back to school, plop down in front of my Axioms, excited to listen away. They had not been touched, turned on, or listened to for about a month and half.

So, when I got music pumping through them, they sounded muffled. Really oddly muffled. I discovered that the left tweeter on my M22 wasn't working. So, I went on a half hour quest to find someone with an allen wrench set. After that mission was accomplished, I was unscrewing my tweeter from my left M22. My idea was to swap one of the M22 tweeters with one of my QS4 tweeters because they don't get near the usage that the M22's do.

So, I have the QS4 tweeter all connected and inserted into the hole of the left M22 tweeter (Doesn't quite fit snugly, but good enough for testing a quick listen). Perfect Axiom sound with the QS4 tweeter in there.

So, I go and switch the faceplates. I took off the faceplate of each of the tweeters, and swapped them. Now, the first time I swapped the tweeters, the non-shiny dome was revealed and the shiny dome stayed with the faceplate. At the time, I didn't know that the shiny dome could be separated from the faceplate.

So, anyways, I have the tweeter drivers switched, and lo and behold, the left tweeter isn't working again. I expressed my frustration with a few loud yells, then went back to swap the tweeter drivers again to see if I did something wrong. It was then when I discovered that I could take off the faceplate and separate it with the magnetic disc with the contacts and shiny dome. So, I just switched the black discs with the shiny domes and contacts, put everything back together, and my M22's were shining in their glory once again.

Now, my question there anything that can be done to fix the "bad" disc/tweeter dome? I looked at the bottom of the disc carefully and saw that the contacts had two hairlike wires going to the bottom of the shiny dome, but they looked intact.

Also, when I first discovered that the tweeter was not working, I just took it out, looked at it, and put it back in. It worked for a few seconds, then stopped working. I'm thinking it might be some connection on the black disc.

I know for a fact that my Axioms weren't touched...but they might have shut the heat off in the building, so could some temperature "broken" something.

I'm not really in a huge rush to get it all fixed, I'm just a little wary of using my QS4's to watch a movie with the bad "disc." However, I know that both of the tweeter drivers work just fine. Any advice would be welcome! Thanks!

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#157188 - 01/30/07 11:41 PM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: danmagicman7]
Lorenzo1000 Offline

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Didn't you get these within the last year or so right from Axiom? If so they should be under warranty still. Call Axiom and they should send you a replacement tweeter.
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#157189 - 01/30/07 11:47 PM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: danmagicman7]
Haoleb Offline

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From your description it almost sounds like the tweeter dome/voice coil are attached to the plastic faceplate and you simply took off the magnet. (did you have to put the silver dome part into a small gap in the magnet?) But Hard to tell exactly without taking mine apart too. sorry. not going to

Need some pics

From the sound of it though you might have ruined both of your tweeters. Or at least shortened the lifetime.

Call axiom and get new one(s) It might be a loose connection as you mentioned but for reliabilities sake you would be best with a new one.

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#157190 - 01/31/07 12:05 AM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: Haoleb]
danmagicman7 Offline

Registered: 12/16/05
Posts: 1467
Yea...I just pulled gently on the faceplate and the magnetic disc with the voice coil just came with it.

Oh well, looks like I'll just have to call Axiom.

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#157191 - 01/31/07 02:10 PM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: danmagicman7]
danmagicman7 Offline

Registered: 12/16/05
Posts: 1467
New tweeter en-route. Axiom is great :-)

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#157192 - 01/31/07 06:18 PM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: danmagicman7]
pmbuko Offline
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Axiom is great.... gives us the chocolate cake.

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#157193 - 01/31/07 06:37 PM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: pmbuko]
RickF Offline

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And chocolate cake is good for breakfast. It has eggs in it, it has milk in it and it has flour in it to!
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#157194 - 02/01/07 03:20 AM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: pmbuko]
tomtuttle Offline

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No no Peter, that's "Dad".

Rick, I absolutely agree. It's breakfast, for sure. Add some whipped cream to get your dairy.
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#157195 - 02/01/07 08:54 AM Re: Tweeter Twouble! [Re: RickF]
Nachosgrande Offline

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And chocolate cake is good for breakfast. It has eggs in it, it has milk in it and it has flour in it to!

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