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#16078 - 07/25/03 05:55 PM Subwoofer recommendations
nowave Offline
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Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a subwoofer sometime to compliment my M40's. I do 100% music, but may one day hook 'em up to the TV, but I kind of doubt it.

I generally like the idea of a sealed enclosure subwoofer... the cabinet is usually smaller and most people describe the sound as being "tighter," but I'm open to any suggestions.

I'm also on a budget... which is one big reason I chose the M40's - they work just fine for now as a full range speaker. Every now and then, I can tell some music would benefit from a little more weight, though.

Initially, I am considering the Dickason Titanic 10" subwoofer kit from another one I just noticed is the HK 12" Sub. Both of these are sealed enclosures - the look of the HK is really nice, but I can't find any reviews on it anywhere. The Titanic kit runs $350 including shipping and I can find the HK for $240 total... (again, I like staying on a budget)

As for the rest of the system, it's a matched set of 1975 vintage HK gear, used primarily for vinyl. Since it's vintage, I will probably end up using the line level inputs on the sub. Another option is to use a Y-adapter from the preamp and feed one section to the amp and one to the Sub - is this a better idea?

I've never been a huge fan of subwoofers, but reading more about proper set-up leads me think I hated them just because everyone cranks them up too much and makes the music always sound muffled or bloated.

Any and all suggestions welcome... thanks in advance.

#16079 - 07/25/03 06:16 PM Re: Subwoofer recommendations
spiffnme Offline

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As usual, I'm going to suggest at Hsu VTF-2. Very tight, clean bass, and unless they've sold out of them already, Hsu has some "b-stock" VTF-2's for $399 delivered.

Cheaper than that, I've heard good things about Athena's subs. I believe you can even find those at Best Buy now.

I too have never been a fan of much bass, for exactly the same reason you stated. Most people have it cranked up too high, and are using a bad subwoofer. Clean, tight bass is a wonderful sounding thing.
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#16080 - 07/27/03 09:12 AM Re: Subwoofer recommendations
GLH Offline
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Definitely give a listen to the Athena subs. I have the AS-P400, which I'm using with M22's in a music-only set up. If I remember correctly this sub listed around $400 but I found a couple of brick-and-mortar stores that sold it for $320 - neither was a Best Buy. I remain very enthusiastic about this sub. Very fast, very musical. Not sure of your taste in music but we listen to two types of music - classical and (very loud) alternative rock. It's very good with either - no staining or churffing with the rock and articulate enough to reproduce the bowing of a big orchestral bass and not just a rumble at the right frequency. The following is a link to a professional review:

Another sub you might listen to is the Def Tech ProSub100. Excellent sound and a bit more money; I think I had quotes in the $360-390 range for this one.

Happy listening and let us know of any other gems you come across in your search.

#16081 - 07/27/03 07:02 PM Re: Subwoofer recommendations
rcvecc Offline

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picked out a b&w sw600 sub for my neighbor for 400 dollars(us) sounds absolutely beautiful for music,it is the best 400 dollar sub i have heard,ive heard louder for that price,but not better..good luck......ron


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