For some reason, I received an issue of Spin today in the mail. Interpol is on the cover, being very unattractive, which didn't make me too optimistic about the interior. But guess what, while the writing isn't that great, there's actually some stuff in this issue that I found relevant. First off, what about the adorable little picture of Regina Spektor smiling (to be fair, it's really hard to find pictures where she isn't smiling)? Then, on the next page, what about that huge two-page closeup of Lovefoxxx from CSS. Ha ha, she's funny, I'm telling you. Then, of course, the short interview with Tegan and Sara was cool enough. I look forward to hearing their new album next week.

So yeah, all in all, not a waste. Of course, I probably won't be so into the next issue, so if they want to discontinue weirding me out with free issues, I'm all for it.