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#178902 - 10/14/07 08:31 AM More questions from a NEWBIE...
72mustang Offline
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Ok... bear with me....

- Can the qs8's be used for full music or are they better suited for surrounds for effects in movies?

- Are the tweeders in the M80's high pitched like a Klipz (sp?) is?

- If ordering the "blems" at 10% off deal... are the blemishes that bad? Or is it hit and miss? What would be the worst case scenario? I would rather spend the extra and be guaranteed that they are perfect and not having a big gouging dent/scratch on the side. Anyone purchase the "blems" and are you happy?

- Does anyone have or know where i can purchase a set of used/excellent condition qs8's in black? Ive decided to get the m80's so funds just arent there yet for full price qs8's.

- Anyone have experience with the Pioneer Elite line of recievers? Or are they junk?


#178909 - 10/14/07 09:57 AM Re: More questions from a NEWBIE... [Re: 72mustang]
EFalardeau Offline

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1) As for the QS-8, do you mean using them as main speakers or if they are good speakers to use with SACD/DVD-a or ProLogic II? As main speakers, they are very "diffuse" so I doubt they would give you good spatial positioning. As for ProLogic II, they are AMAZING. For SACD and DVD-a, it is trickier. All recordings that place the musicians in the front and have the back channels create "ambiance", the QS-8 are really, really good. For recordings (ex: Tacet Recordings from Germany) placing the listener in the middle, the sound remains accurate (even great!), but the instruments "behind you" sound like if they are floating around you and more to the side. It still sounds great, but it is not the effect intended by the sound engineer. Next week I will receive my final 2 QS-8 and will add them as 7.1 backs. I am fairly confident that this additional "positioning sonic info" will bring those back instruments "to the ground"!

2) The M80 are very neutral, so they are not "high-pitched" unless the source is.

3) Search for "Factory outlet" in this forum. There has been many, many inquiries on this topic and also lots of answers!

4-5) I have no idea.

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#178911 - 10/14/07 10:08 AM Re: More questions from a NEWBIE... [Re: 72mustang]
902599 Offline

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The qs-8s are some the best surrounds I have heard, they might be better than some average stand alone bookshelfs. I have them with the 80's and the 150 center. I dont believe you would find any distractions form the sound or looks from the b-stock from what I have read from others who have them. Some people cant even notice a difference. I dont know about the pioneer but can say read the forums and learn as much as you can. Different recievers with different watts per channel/ohms output will effect the sound stage of speakers and other issues including clipping,wall treatments,etc.. The 30-day trial is also a option. Keep reading and asking questions is a good way to go.

#178915 - 10/14/07 10:30 AM Re: More questions from a NEWBIE... [Re: 72mustang]
SirQuack Offline
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I want to make sure I understand what your asking.

- you would never use the Qs8's for up front left/right for music, however, they do good for multi channel music in 5.1 or 7.1 for the surrounds or rears. The excel in HT applications.

- not sure what you mean by "high pitched". Klipsch speakers us horns which some describe as harsh. This is different than tweeters used in Axioms.

- there are endless threads on the factory outlet speakers, 90% of the people that order from the outlet have never been able to locat any of the "minor" blemishes if any on them. They are still brand new speakers with the same warranty. Your not going to get a speaker with some huge scratch or chip on the front, my guess is you won't be able to locate any problems, that is my experience.

- It is against forum rules to talk about "wanted" or "for sale" of speakers or other items. I would suggest you check ebay or audiogon for example. Keep in mind you get 10% off the factory outlet, plus another 5% when you buy 5 or more items or accessories.

- Pioneer Elite are not junk. I've never owne them but have friends that do and they are very happy.

ps: if your going to get m80's make sure you get a brand that is able to drive a 4ohm load, especially if you like to listen at louder levels occasionally.
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#178936 - 10/14/07 02:39 PM Re: More questions from a NEWBIE... [Re: SirQuack]
jakewash Offline
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The tweeters on the M80s are not so much bright as they are accurate. The M80s are a forward sounding speaker meaning they have the mids and highs(vocals) presented to you more so than the bass. The M60 is more laid back as the mids and highs are a little understated and the bass lines come through with more vigor.

The factory outlet is a bit of hit and miss but I know of only one person that had a really bad set and Axiom sent another set. My M60s I just received have only 1 flaw on one speaker midway down a side the vinyl appears to be peal away from the backing, but it is only about half the size of a pencil eraser. The other speaker has a nonperfect edge on the bottom rear.


#178962 - 10/15/07 09:50 AM Re: More questions from a NEWBIE... [Re: jakewash]
Joey Offline
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My ep500 came from the factory outlet. It had a little nick on the back right edge as if something hit it. A dab of elmers and five minutes later you can barely tell it was ever damaged. Out of a complete 7.1 system that is the only blemish I can find and I think that's fabulous!

I currently use a Pioneer VSX-817 receiver. Not in the "Elite" class but I think it is great. Especially when you use the MCACC feature. Can't speak for the Elite line but I imagine that they are at least as good if not better!
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