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#18004 - 08/21/03 09:32 PM M22s vs 2-way floorstanders
slack Offline

Registered: 08/18/03
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i was wondering if i could go wrong with these bookshelves since 400 USD can buy me a 2-way floorstander, for eg mission M73, tannoy mercury MX3, Kef cresta 30. it seems like a compromise between great sound with less bass extension compared to whatever a 2-way floorstander offers. Any advice?


#18005 - 08/22/03 12:43 AM Re: M22s vs 2-way floorstanders
Mahesh Offline
old hand

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Loc: Hong Kong, China

Some floorstanders would (maybe) give you a little more bass but nothing can beat the M22 in the midrange details at USD 400. And the M22 bass is pretty good and tight (for my taste atleast).

Someone posted a couple of days back stating that 'For $400 they're amazing! Axiom squeezed every penny of that $400 into those speakers! and that pretty much sums up my view on this.

I have heard the Mission M73's playing at a store 6 months back and own a pair of M22. The same store was selling some other Mission M70 series speakers (bookshelves) in Hong Kong for less than USD 100 a pair and I was tempted to pick up a pair but held off and I didn't regret the decision.

The M22 midrange details are clear, precise and they stay that way even when played at higher (louder) levels.

I dont recollect being that impressed with the Mission M73 speakers when it came to details. That is what I look for when auditioning speakers.

I have heard some Tannoy's too but dont know which ones (they looked like the MX3's but not sure of which model). Dont mean to be picky but at the Tannoy showroom, they seemed a bit light weight from the looks and feel.

Axiom M22 bookshelves weigh 7.25 kgs each
Tannoy MX3 floorstanders weigh 9.5 kgs each
Axiom M40 (entry level floorstanders) weigh 13.5 kgs each

I dont know when and how I got this idea into my head (maybe on this board ?) that speaker weight and construction are major factors in the sound quality so you may want to ignore this bit.

I think the best way is to listen to all and then make a decision. Good luck

#18006 - 08/22/03 02:43 PM Re: M22s vs 2-way floorstanders
forkbeard Offline

Registered: 08/14/03
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Another consideration is the cost of good stands. Add that to mthe cost of the speakers and an even wider range of floorstanders become available at a similar price. Right now, I'm thinking about PSB Image 4T and also the Paradigm Monitor 5. If anyone has direct experience with those models, leave me your opinions. But I bet I wind up with M22s.

#18007 - 08/22/03 03:13 PM Re: M22s vs 2-way floorstanders
twodan19 Offline

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if you notice the sound of the number 6 as in m60's, they have the sssss sound. i think it was a marketing ploy because the M60's sound ssssweet.

#18008 - 08/22/03 05:21 PM Re: M22s vs 2-way floorstanders
AdamP88 Offline

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Loc: Omaha, NE
Though I haven't heard the Monitor 5, the M22 absolutely trounces the Monitor 9 in pretty much every area except bass extension. It's more transparent, neutral (and natural-sounding) and absolutely kills the Monitor 9 in terms of imaging and soundstage. The Monitor 9 sounds wooly in comparison.

#18009 - 08/22/03 05:56 PM Re: M22s vs 2-way floorstanders
forkbeard Offline

Registered: 08/14/03
Posts: 5
Never considered the 9's due to the 8" drivers and several reviews I read. Always figured I'd augment the low end anyway.

So I just jumped in the pool. Saw a pair of M22s in the cheapo stock and took 'em. I'm prepared to love 'em to death when they get here. Can't wait.


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