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#184230 - 11/16/07 02:31 PM Auditioning Axioms In Your Area
Amie Offline

Registered: 02/06/02
Posts: 1621
Interested in auditioning Axiom speakers? We have customers in the following cities that would be pleased to meet you! Send a private message to the message board member whose name is beside their product to arrange an audition. If you'd like to be added to the list, send a private message to Axiom.


- To download the invitation to become a member of the Axiom Super Audition Club, click here.
- To download the Registration Form, click here.
- To download the Audition Club Report, click here.


Huntsville : M60, VP150, QS8, M22 (DoubleJ230)

Valdez : M80 (mdrew)

* Tucson : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500
Tucson : M80, VP150, QS8(4) (MrBill)
Gilbert : M60, QS8, VP150 (njoyment)
Phoenix : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500, M22 (grunt)

Little Rock : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (redrzrbks)

Antioch : M80(4), VP150, QS8(4), M3(2), M22ti(2) (koiman)
Chino : M40 (St. Pat Guy)
Costa Mesa : M2i, VP100, EP175, QS4 (atreu59)
Discovery Bay : M80v2 - VP150v2 (Davekro)
Eastvale: M80, VP150, EP500, QS8(x4) (bigdog76)
Fontana : M22, QS8, M2, VP100 (ask Axiom)
Fort Irwin : Epic 60 - 500 (ask Axiom)
Fremont : M22, VP150, QS8 (gnrajagopal)
Fresno : M60 (richeydog)
Grass Valley: M60 (mamzh)
Irvine : M22, VP150, QS8(3) (snippy)
Long Beach : EP600, M22, QS8, VP150 (LongBeachBear)
Los Angeles: M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (ask Axiom)
* Menlo Park (SF Bay Area) : M22, VP150, QS8 (
Monteray : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (jordanz)
Oakland: : M60, VP100 (AdamP88)
Pasedena : M80, QS8, EP500, VP150 (ask Axiom)
Sacramento/Auburn : M80, VP100
Sacramento/Loomis : M80, QS8, VP150 (ask Axiom)
* Scramento/Yuba City (35 min north of Sacramento) : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (
San Marcos : M80, VP150, QS8 (ZeN)
* Santa Ana South Metro : M60, QS8, VP150, EP500 (
Tustin : oVP150, M22, QS4(4) (Aetherhole)
Union City : M60, VP150, QS8 (twelly)

Colorado Springs : M50, M3 (Donincos)

East Granby : M80, VP150, QS8, FMS-QS (ask Axiom)

Milford : M60, QS8, VP150 (asb148)

Jacksonville : M60, VP100, QS4, QS8, EP500 (mrnomas)
Jacksonville : M22, VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Jacksonville : VP150, EP350, M80, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Jacksonville / St. Augustine : M80, VP150, QS8, EP600 (inthedeck)
Lutz : M60v2, VP150v2, QS8v2 (
Tampa Bay : M60, QS8, VP150 (davehead)
* Tarpon Springs : M80Ti, VP150, QS8, EP350 (
Valrico : M60, VP150(3),QS8, QS4, EP500(2) (hapnewman)
Vero Beach : M80, M60, VP150, VP100, QS8(4), EP600, EP350 (BrotherBob (Rick))

* Marietta : M80, EP500, QS8, VP150 (
* Watkinsville : M60 In-Cabinet, VP150, QS8, EP500, Algonquin (
Atlanta : M60 (oz350z)
Cochran : M80Ti, VP150, QS8(4), EP500(2) (Epic 80 - 500 in 7.2) (hopkinj4)
Marietta : QS8, VP150 (ask Axiom)


Arlington Heights : M22, VP100, QS4 (danmagicman7)
Huntley : M80, M22, VP180, QS8 (
Jacksonville : M80, VP150, M22, QS8 (PeterChenoweth)
* Machesney Park (Rockford) : VP150v3, M22v3 (
Palatine : M22, VP150, EP350, QS8 (ndevagup)
Wilmette / Champaign Summer / Winter : M60, VP100, QS8 (Hawkson101)
* Wilmimgton : M80, VP160, QS4 (

Fort Wayne (10 miles south of Fort Wayne) : M22, VP150, M3(3) (ScottA)
Indianapolis : M60 (frenche)
Indianapolis : M22, EP175 (rperkins - randyperkins at
Michigan City (55 miles south of Chicago) : M22, VP100, QS8, FMB (tjk)
Lawrenceburg : M60, VP150, QS8(3) (ask Axiom)

Norwalk : M80, VP150, EP600, QS8, EP350(2) (Sirquack)
West Des Moines : M60, VP150, QS8 (GregS)
Marion : M60, VP150, QS8x4, VP180 (nickbuol)

Wichita : M60, VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Kansas City : M22s, VP100, QS8 (mrcrazypants05)
Kansas City : Epic 80 (Pinoy)

Louisville : M60, VP100, QS4 (mhorgel)
Madisonville : M3, EP500 (bugbitten)

Abita Springs : M80, QS8, VP150, EP350 (psychopete)
New Orleans : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500(2), M3, VP100, QS4, EP350, Audiobytes (dtcmd)

Baltimore : M22Ti, VP150, QS4 (fmowry)
Baltimore : M60 (DJ_Stunna)
Baltimore : LFR1100, M80, M22, M2, QS8, VP180, VP150, VP100, EP500, EP175 (
Columbia : M22v2, VP150v2, QS8v2, EP350v3 (Ask Axiom)
Great Mills : M80, VP-150, QS8 (ralderman)

Boston : M3 (j0shbd)
Holbrook : M3, M80 (ask Axiom)
Somerville : M22, VP100, QS8 (nygren)

Ann Arbor : M50, VP150, QS4s (jcole)
Ann Arbor : M22 (joshxfoo)
Muskegon : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (ask Axiom)
Novi : M3(4), VP150 (ask Axiom)
Taylor ; M80, VP150, QS8 (902599)

Burnsville : M80, digital and analogue setup (ClayB)
North Branch : M3, M40 ( )
Savage : M80, VP150, QS8(4) (
Shakopee : W22, WP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Twin Cities : M22, VP150, QS8(4), FMB (Frenchlop)
Wilmar : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (ask Axiom)

Bolivar : VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Kansas City : Epic 80 v 600, Audiobyte, A1400 (haylo75)
Kansas City : 5 M22, VP160 in-cabinet, 3 QS8, EP500.
Lees Summit : M80, M22, VP150, QS8 (
* St-Louis : M80v2, QS8, VP150, EP500 (
Sullivan : M80v2, QS8, VP150 (Ask Axiom)
University City : M22v3, M22 InWall (

Omaha : M3, QS4, VP150 ( INANE)

Las Vegas North : M22, QS4, QS8, M22 (ask Axiom)
Las Vegas : W150, W22, QS8, EP350 (motoxpj)

New Hampshire
Concord : M60, VP150, QS8s, EP350 (MarkSJohnson)
Dover : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (MasterKato)
Merrimack : QS4 (ask Axiom)

New Jersey
Basking Ridge : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (Avian or Ask Axiom)
Hillsborough : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (Tarun)
North Brunswick : M60, VP150, QS8 (Subsonic)
Pattenburg : M60, VP150, QS8 (JSkip)
* West New York : M80 (

New York
Clarence Center - M80, VP150, QS8, EP600V - Epic 80 - 600 - 7.1
East Northport (Long Island) : M22, VP150, QS8(3) (bjkramer)
Mineola : M3, VP100, QS4 (917-573-9270 - Cell.)
Newburg : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (snakeyes)
Port Chester : M3, VP100, QS8, EP175, M2 (ask Axiom)
Sands Point : M3, VP100, QS4, (ask Axiom)
Staten Island : EP600, A1400 (ditcin)

North Carolina
Asheville : M60, VP150, QS8 (geoffrey)
* Asheville : M60, VP150, QS8 (
Charlotte : M80, VP150, QS8, EP600 (neb)
Raleigh : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (NEW2AXIOM)
Raleigh : M22 (rome2000)

* Walton Hills : M80, QS8 (
Cincinnati : M60, VP150 (badger98)
Cincinnati : M60, VP150, QS8(4) (COACH2369)
Cleveland : EP500 (ajax)
Columbus : M60, VP150, QS8, M2Ti (richcarp)
Columbus : M22, VP150, QS8 (TweedleyD)
Columbus : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (nicholc2)
Dayton : M80 (ask Axiom)
Wooster : M60, VP150, QS8 TheTonik

Tulsa : M3, M22 (johnbasham)
Tulsa : M22, VP150 (smoovranger)
Tulsa : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (terzaghi)

Newport : M60, VP150, QS8 (kittel)
Portland : M22ti (2_channel_guy)
Portland : M60, VP150, QS8 (rhehd)
Portland ; M22, VP150, QS8, EP350 (LightninJoe)

King of Prussia (NW of Philly) : M22, VP150, QS8 (Zarak)
Folsom (SW of Philly) : M60, VP150, QS8 (MarkT)
Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg : M60, VP150, QS8 (dewd)
Maple Glen : M80, VP150, QS8 (PC)
Pittsburgh : M60s VP150 (flip22)
Reading : M2, M3 QS4 (kryolla)
Wayne(western suburb of Philadelphia) : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (Bob4action)

South Carolina
Charleston : M60s, VP160, QS8s, M22s, VP100, EP350 and Algonquins (Joe_in_SC)
Clover : M60, VP100, QS4, M3, EP350 (n8wrl)
Greenville : M50, VP150, QS8 (Jamin3D)
Greenville : M22, VP150, QS4 (davecircle)

Nashville : M22, VP150, QS4, EP175 (dmn23)
Nashville : M80, VP150, QS4 (ask Axiom)

Arlington : M80, VP150, QS8, M22Ti (redjet)
Austin : M60, VP150, QS8 (HGP)
Austin : M60, VP150, QS8 (powerfreak)
Austin / Cedar Park : M80, VP150, QS8, EP600 (myrison)
* Cedar Park : VP150, M80, QS8, EP600, EP800 ( )
Burleson : Epic 80 - 500 (ask Axiom)
Dallas : M60, VP180, QS8, EP600 X2 (dakkon) (
Frisco : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (jfdawson)
Pasadena : M22, EP600 (ask Axiom)
Onalaska : M80, VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Round Rock : M60, VP150, QS8, M22 (WhatFurrer)
San Angelo : M60, VP100, QS8 (BigJohn)
Victoria : Epic 80 - 500 (donjuanmiguel)

* South Jordan ; M80, VP150, QS8, EP500

Burlington : M60 (Chafter)

* Alexandria : M80v3, VP180v3, QS8v3 (
Alexandria - M80v3, VP180v3, QS8v3 (NukeM)
Arlington : M60, VP100, QS8 (Capn_Pickard)
Chantilly : M60, QS8, M2i, VP150 (nicholasnho)
Charlottesville : M60, VP150, QS8, M2i, EP350 (Seabear)
GlenAllen : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (AshBoomstick)
Leesburg : M22, VP100 (Pmbuko)
Northern Virginia - DC area : M60 (thyname)
Sterling : M80, QS4, VP100, M50 (kcarlile)
Virginia Beach : EP600 (Babyface)
Virginia Beach : ON WALL 5.1 Setup: M22, VP150, QS8s(TonyN)
Warrenton : QS8 (vassillios)

Ephrata : M22, VP150, QS8 (KurtisJ)
Seattle : M60Ti, VP150, QS8 (agarwalro)

Washington D.C.
Northern Virginia - DC area : M60 (thyname)
Washington DC : M22, VP 150, QS8 (Roman or ask Axiom)

Kenosha : M80, VP100, QS8, EP350 (ask Axiom)
Madison : M3, VP150, QS8, EP125 (quad)
Madison : M22, VP150, QS8 (madadam or ask Axiom)
Prairie du Chien : M60, VP150, M2, QS8 (Misfit_Toy)
Verona : Epic Grand Master 350 v 7.1 (SpenceJT)

Sheridan : M80, VP150 (Larry7995)


* Bonnyville : M80, M3 (
Calgary : VP150, QS4, M3 (cup)
Calgary : M22, M80, VP100, VP150, QS8(3) (jakewash)
Calgary : M60, VP100, QS4, EP350 (framer2180)
Cold Lake : M80, M60, QS8, M2, EP350v3, M22, M3 (doormat)
* Edmonton : M60, VP100, QS8, M1Ti (
* Edmonton : A1400-8, QS8, LFR1100, VP180, EP500v2, EP800 (
Fort McMurray : M80, VP150, QS8 (rye_guy79)
Hardisty : Epic 50 - 500 (ask Axiom)
St. Albert : M22, VP100, QS8, (PaulM)
St. Albert : M60, VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)

British Columbia
Abbotsford : M60v2, VP150v2 (
Burnaby : M22, QS4, VP100 (jeet)
Duncan : M80, VP150(2), M40, QS8, Axiom cables (ask Axiom)
Richmond : M22, VP100 (1madman1)
Sooke : M80, VP150, QS8 (alexadams77)
* Surrey : M22, QS8 (
Victoria : M3 (eraser)

Brandon : M60, VP150, QS8 (sidvicious02)
Winnipeg : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (pickupmykeys)
Winnipeg : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 (chesseroo)

Bishops Falls : M80, VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)

Nova Scotia
Bridgewater: M80s (Troyd)

Adjala-Tosorontio : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (ask Axiom)
Barrie : M60, VP150, QS8 (Daphoid)
Bowmanville : M60, QS8, VP100, M2, M40, VP180, EP500 (bridgman)
Brampton : M22OW, VP150, QS8 (ask Axiom)
Brockville : M80v2 (Ask Axiom)
Burlington : M60, VP150, QS8 (HAY)
Dorchester : M80, VP150, QS8, EP500 (Worfzara)
Hamilton : QS4 (ask Axiom)
Kitchener : M80 (Real80sman)
London : M80, VP150, QS8 (guitar_ainsley)
Milton : M80 (ask Axiom)
* Mississauga : M80, VP150, QS4, EP500 (
Mississauga : M60 VP150, QS8, EP500 (ask Axiom)
Niagara : EP500v2 (
Niagara Falls : M22, VP150, QS8 (Huck)
North Bay : Epic 80 - 500, Algonquins M3 (Axiom)
Oakville : M60, VP150, QS8 (
Oshawa : M60, VP150, M3 (avdude)
Ottawa : M50, VP100 (Craig_P)
Ottawa : M60, VP150 (Jordan)
Peterborough : M80v2, VP150, QS8v2(4), EP500v2 (wheelz999)
Pickering : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (chips)
Sarnia : M22, M2i, VP150, QS8 (DerekW)
Toronto : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (Rick_Whittle)
Toronto : VP150, QS8, QS4 (ask Axiom)
Toronto : M60(4), M3, EP400 (NADishman)
* Toronto : M60, VP150 (2), QS8, EP500 (
* Toronto : M80, VP180, 4xQS8, EP500, FMSQS (julian_y) (
Thunder Bay : M60, VP100, QS8, EP175 (warfer21)
Whitby : M80, VP150, QS8 (pizoni)

Prince Edward Island
Cymbria : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (Murph)

* Sherbrooke - - 1.866.244.8796
Epic 80 - 180 - 800 in a 9.4 Configuration (Dual VP180 with dual A-1400-8) M22v2 - W3 - W100 - QS4v2 - EP 175v2 - EP400 - EP800v3
Montréal : M80v2, QS8v2, VP180 (LucRaymond)
Montréal : M80v2 (
Montreal : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500 (Bruf)
Montreal : M22, VP100, QS8 (Octav)
Montreal(Rive Sud) : VP100, M3, QS4, W3, EP175 (ask Axiom)
Richelieu : M80, VP150, QS8, EP600 (nightwish)
* St-Apollinaire : M80, VP150, QS8, EP350, M3 (
Ville Ste-Catherine : M3, VP100 (willso7)
* Shawinigan: M80v3, QS8v3 (Gellidius at

Regina : M50, VP150, VP100, QS8, M22, M3 (NeverHappy)
Regina : Epic Grand Master (Lexxen)
Saskatoon : M60, VP150, QS8, EP350 ( ferguson630)


Brisbane : W3, W100, QS4 (
Brisbane : M80v2 (
Melbourne : M80v3 (
Sydney : M60, VP150, QS8, EP500, Algonquin, AudioBytes (jmone)
Sydney : QS8, EP125 (ask Axiom)
Sydney : M3v2 (

China - Hong Kong : M22ti (Mahesh)

England - Bath City : M60, VP150 (Axiom)

Germany - Wiesbaden : Epic 80 (Axiom)

India - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh : M3 (aquashankar)

Jamaica - Kingston 6 : M60 - M50 - M22 - VP100 (Axiom)

Kuwait - Farwaniya : Epic 80 - 500 7.1 (Axiom)

Kuala Lumpur/Selangor : M60v2, VP150v2 (
Petaling Jaya/Selangor : M80v2, VP150v2, QS8v2, M22v2 (

NZ - Manukau City, Auckland : M3v2 (Brian)

Oman - Sur : M80, VP150, QS8 (Nat)

Portugal - Ponce : M80v2, VP150v2, QS8v2, EP600v2-V (

Singapore : QS4, QS8, VP150, M80 (asiatic)

South Africa - Durban : M22 (zathras)

Switzerland - Lugano : M80 (prz)

Edited by Jc (12/20/14 01:04 PM)

#219328 - 08/28/08 11:33 AM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: Amie]
rodriguezfamily Offline

Registered: 08/28/08
Posts: 1
Hello I am in Brentwood CA 94513. Would it be possible for me to listen to some ones speakers near by????????

#219417 - 08/28/08 11:11 PM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: rodriguezfamily]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10454
Rodriguez, welcome. If you look at the listings above for the LA area you'll see several possibilities. Your post may not be always noticed, so the usual procedure is to try to make direct contact by sending a PM to the person, who's indicated his willingness(unless the listing is outdated)to show off his Axioms.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#219420 - 08/28/08 11:45 PM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: JohnK]
St_PatGuy Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
Posts: 7427
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
I have M3s and I'm in Rancho Cucamonga.
"Nothin' up my sleeve. . ." --Bullwinkle J. Moose

#219426 - 08/29/08 12:19 AM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: St_PatGuy]
CV Offline
Founder, Axiom Upgrade Club
shareholder in the making

Registered: 07/20/06
Posts: 11399
Loc: Richland, WA, USA
I can verify his location as well as his M3 ownership, and I seriously hope the barrel is true.

#219428 - 08/29/08 12:22 AM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: CV]
St_PatGuy Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
Posts: 7427
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
Check, check, and. . uh. . check.
"Nothin' up my sleeve. . ." --Bullwinkle J. Moose

#236535 - 12/23/08 01:36 PM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: St_PatGuy]
Jappy Offline

Registered: 09/18/08
Posts: 49
Loc: "Near" Quebec City, Canada
You can add me to the list in Thetford Mines, QC, Canada. I'll be happy to help my fellow quebecers save money on great speakers!
My new system: M80s, VP-150, EP-350 and QS8s, Denon AVR-889, Samsung BD-P1500 and XBox360

#246828 - 02/13/09 07:57 PM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: Jappy]
Screefer Offline

Registered: 11/02/06
Posts: 51
If this is how I get on this list then here goes.
I'm in Merritt BC with Axiom M22v2s and Ep350v2 sub.
PM me!

#246870 - 02/13/09 11:35 PM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: Screefer]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10454
Kim, I know that on occasion Amie would check this thread to add another listing, but I think that the better bet now would be to send a message directly to Axiom.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#246941 - 02/14/09 05:46 PM Re: Auditioning Axioms In Your Area [Re: JohnK]
SirQuack Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 01/29/04
Posts: 13356
Loc: Iowa
Yes Kim, this should work, I can't remember the guys name, but he is monitoring this for Amie while she is away. Otherwise, you can PM them or call them.
M80s-VP180-QS8s-EP600-2xEP350 Denon3808 Outlaw7700
Audio Nirvana

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