Two questions. I'm trying to hook up my brother-in-law's house. They are in the process of remodeling their condo. Two questions

1) They really really like doing Karaoke. Anyone have any experience using M80/VP150/QS8/EP500 for Karaoke stuff? I believe the split would be about 65% Karaoke and 35% movies.

2) Also, I'm thinking of 7.1 setup. Besides the above, I was thinking of using W22's for the surround backs. QS8's would be the surround Left and Rights. I figured it might be better for rear speakers to be more focused. what do you guys think?


I currently own M80/VP150/QS8/EP500/Marantz SR8001. Maybe I'll just bring the Karaoke machine over and give it shot to see how it sounds.

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