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#188490 - 12/16/07 01:17 PM Oops Alan
iykht Offline

Registered: 12/16/07
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Hello fellow HT lovers!

Just a quick FYI:

In the article on this website entitled "Ten Things You Need to Know About 1080P" by Alan Loft, bullet point #3 is incorrect.

TL Ipswich, MA

#188495 - 12/16/07 01:29 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: iykht]
Mojo Online   content

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Which part of the sentence are you referring to? Is it "If you already own an HD set that is several years old, it will likely be a 720p model (rarely 1080i unless it's a CRT HD set)"?

#188512 - 12/16/07 03:13 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: Mojo]
SirQuack Offline
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It is interesting that you point out something you feel is incorrect, however, you don't back it with facts to validate your blank statements.
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#188513 - 12/16/07 04:46 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: SirQuack]
Ajax Offline

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From the article in question: "3. If you already own an HD set that is several years old, it will likely be a 720p model (rarely 1080i unless it's a CRT HD set), so there is no point in getting video sources that deliver a 1080p image because your video device can't display the extra pixels, unless of course you decide to replace your 720p or 1080i HDTV with a 1080p HDTV."

At the risk of rising to the bait, he doesn't even have the integrity to say exactly what he believes is incorrect, let alone back it up with any evidence.

Regardless, whether his criticism is accurate or not, a post like that is hardly an endearing way to introduce oneself to any forum. I'm always amazed by people who blow into a forum, fail to make the effort or take the time to observe and learn the dynamic in play, whip out their pistol and take a potshot in their very first post. Perfect example of how not to win friends and influence people.

Of course, if the goal is merely to insult and anger, that is the perfect formula, and iykht will likely ride off into the sunset patting himself on the back and saying "oh what a good boy am I. Everybody must think I'm so cool ."


"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton

#188514 - 12/16/07 05:05 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: SirQuack]
chesseroo Offline

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 Originally Posted By: sirquack

It is interesting that you point out something you feel is incorrect, however, you don't back it with facts to validate your blank statements.

Calm down boys.
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#188517 - 12/16/07 05:16 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: chesseroo]
Ken.C Offline
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Gotta agree with Chess here. The guy may have just popped on and disappeared, but maybe he genuinely thought there was something wrong with that statement. That's not the usual kind of troll we get--usually it's a bit more inflammatory.
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#188518 - 12/16/07 05:56 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: Ken.C]
bridgman Offline

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Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Perhaps the OP read Alan's statement as saying "unless you have a 1080p display you might as well not get an HD-DVD or BluRay player" which of course is not the case.

That reminds me -- are HD/BR 1080i native, or 1080p ? I seem to remember that the info is stored as interlaced fields on disk.

Hmm. Further research indicates that this is not clear to many people ;\)

The most common view is that both HD-DVD and BR store full frames at 24 fps, although there is a recurring mention of HD-DVD storing video using "60i timing for 24p frames" whatever the heck that means -- AFAIK there is no actual timing info on the disk, just a series of compressed fields/frames plus flags indicating how they should be displayed.

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#188543 - 12/16/07 08:13 PM Re: Oops Alan [Re: bridgman]
jakewash Offline
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If you look at the players, the A2? only does 720P/1080i so if the info is in 1080P it is scaled down then. Now we are getting into the nitty gritty.

All I care about is it looks better and more importantly works.


#188580 - 12/17/07 12:09 AM Re: Oops Alan [Re: jakewash]
danmagicman7 Offline

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Hey guys! Axiom sucks.

I'm not a very good troll \:\(

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#188581 - 12/17/07 12:12 AM Re: Oops Alan [Re: danmagicman7]
Wid Offline

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Hey guys! Axiom sucks.

Don't let your Dad see this

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