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#1892 - 02/28/02 04:09 PM Subwoofer Grills

Seems a bit strange to post this here, but this does seem to be one of the better forums around. So... I am going to be adding a subwoofer to my system but I have a couple of cats and one in particular loves to scratch furniture. I am afraid that he will find the subwoofer grill irresistable. So my choices are A) get a bottom firing sub, or B) find something that will repel cats and still be tolerable for humans.
Does anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks

#1893 - 02/28/02 05:02 PM Re: Subwoofer Grills
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I have heard of people building covers for their speakers that they remove when in use. Perhaps this would suffice for your situation? You could always build something more robust to cover them, but risk the sound being suppressed.




#1894 - 02/28/02 06:00 PM Re: Subwoofer Grills

I keep wild X domestic hybrid cats in the house. You can buy some "bitter apple" spray at most pet stores and pet wharehouses. Cats really hate this stuff. Take the grill off the sub/speakers and spray a lot on them. It won't hurt the grills and the cats will stay far away from them.

#1895 - 02/28/02 06:53 PM Re: Subwoofer Grills
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I haven't found a product yet that keeps my cat away from anything. She loves water and doesn't mind pepper, bitter apple, etc.

Good luck!!


#1896 - 03/05/02 07:51 AM Re: Subwoofer Grills

The choice is obvious.....get rid of the cat.

#1897 - 03/06/02 11:07 PM Re: Subwoofer Grills

How to house-train your cat to stay away from your speakers and subwoofer in 5 easy steps:

step 1: Purchase a cd of "animal sounds."
step 2: Position cat 1 meter in front of subwoofer and front speakers.
step 3: Turn volume knob as high as speakers can play without distortion.
step 4: Insert cd, search for track entitled "dog growling and barking," and press play.
step 5: Watch your cat never come near your subwoofer and speakers EVER again.

#1898 - 08/23/02 08:36 AM Re: Subwoofer Grills
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Heard of a guy over the net that put cats in a bottles just like those ships in a bottle... the animals are fed through a plastic tube.... sound like a plan... here's the link

site sounds like a joke though, and i really would consider gettin rid of the creature if you are at this point never the less don't do somethineg that might send ya to prison ....

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