are your speakers capable of being wired in a bi-amp fashion. Specific speakers under consideration are the M22 and M60's. Also is it correct that the M80's are rated impedance of 4 ohms?


Hello Tim;

The M60s may be bi-wired or set up in a kind of quasi-biamping fashion. The M22s are not bi-ampable or bi-wireable.

I say "quasi-biamping" for the M60s, because true bi-amping involves an external electronic crossover where you'd set the crossover slopes and frequency for each section of the speaker system (woofer, midrange, and tweeter).

You can try bi-amping the M60s if you like.

Frankly, in all my listening tests over the years, bi-amping does not bring audible benefits to speakers used in domestic audio and home theater setups. It has practical applications for professional high-volume sound reinforcement in big theaters, rock concerts, and for some studio high-level monitoring.

Yes, the M80's nominal impedance is 4 ohms and only a few AV receivers have sufficiently robust amplifiers to drive them without current limiting, shut-down or overheating. The AV receiver brands we recommend for the M80s are Sherwood Newcastle (which we sell on-line), Denon, Rotel, NAD, B&K and Harman/Kardon.

Power amplifiers are no problem driving the M80s. It's only some AV receivers (Onkyo, Sony, Kenwood, some Yamaha, Pioneer,) that have problems with the current draw of the 4-ohm M80s.

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