I have a question about the tweeter on one of my speakers. I was looking at the tweeter the other day and it looked like the tweeter wasn't quite square to the enclosure, soooo... like a bonehead I tried to touch the little black ring around the aluminun dome and of course dented the tweeter. The dent is about the size of the head of a pin. You can see the dent in the 9 o'clock position. My question is, how will this affect perfomance? I really am happy with my purchase and am saving my pennies for upgrading my home theatre speakers. -- Eric


As long as the dent hasn't penetrated the tweeter dome like an actual pinhole, it shouldn't affect performance in any way. If you want to test it, play a CD with lots of cymbals and percussion and substitute your "damaged" speaker for the good one. Listen to the cymbals on your "damaged" speaker and on your "good" speaker. If the high frequencies--the cymbals--sound the same to you, then the tweeter is fine. Make sure the speaker is in exactly the same place when you change them. If on the damaged speaker, the cymbals sound distorted or there's a buzzing sound, then you need to replace the tweeter. If it drives you crazy seeing the dented dome even if it sounds perfect, you can order a new tweeter for about $50.

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