Well it is raining outside today so the kids decided they wanted to play with their Hot Wheels track. I take down the bin and open it up for them to put together, ya right, a few minutes later they ask if I could help them, of course I am going to help, I love Hot Wheels too. Well, I get over to the room and what do I find lying on the couch? My long lost Radio Shack SPL meter. Apparently the boys had put it inside to 'keep it safe' quite awhile ago. I thought it had magically disappeared as I couldn't remember ever taking out of the basement. It had been missing for about 1.5 years!!!

I can use REW and put in the corrected numbers for this meter. I think I might have to get going on this, well not today, the Hot Wheels are still out and I thnk the Sizzlers are next.\:\)