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#231 - 08/07/01 02:49 AM Problem Driving Axioms
dborowka Offline

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Although I love the sound of Axioms, I own M80Ti/VP150, and 2 sets of QS8s, they are hard to drive by some receivers. Before I purchased any of the Axioms (from Audioshop via Internet) I inquired from both Ian/Axiom and Marc/Audioshop about whether there would be any special issues driving these speakers, and both assured me that essentially any current receiver could do the job. Well, that's not the case.

I had just upgraded to a top new Onkyo Integra 7.1 THX EX receiver, and while it gives great sound at very low to moderate levels, whenever I want to watch a movie in loud THX mode, after 10 minutes or so the receiver shuts down with protective circuit. Why is this, according to Onkyo dealer, and thir tech support, it is due to the speakers being too low impedence. Well, I thought, the receiver states it can handle 6 ohm speakers, the Axiom description on Audioshop website where I purchased the speakers also states 6ohm impedence. BUT, on the Axiom website, all of my speaker models are apparently 4 ohm impedence speakers and not 6 ohm (as my dealer advertises). No wonder my spanking new receiver can't handle these.

So, what am I to do? I love the sound of Axioms, so I'll have to sell my Onkyo Integra 7.1 (at a several hundred dollar loss), and look around for a receiver that can handle low impedence speakers (I've found the OUTLAW 1050 thus far). I do feel also that Axiom management should insist that their dealers provide accurate information to their customers. I will be taking this issue up with Audioshop as well whenever Marc from there returns from his holidays.

#232 - 08/07/01 08:43 AM Re: Problem Driving Axioms
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We looked into your specific receiver at length to find out what might be causing the problem. First of all, as former Onkyo owners ourselves, we know that unless you have your unit at least as well ventilated as recommended (they recommend an 8" clearance on the top and sides of the unit for proper cooling) that it would shut off as indicated. You are also running exactly the same speakers that we were. That finished when we set the receiver out in open air well away from other equipment.

The manual also suggests that the second set of rear speakers need to be powered by a seperately sold two channel amp. We found that on page 21. You might want to look into that angle.

All of the above being said, we can manufacture an inline speaker box for you that will raise the impedance of all of the loudspeakers by two ohms. But we highly recommend getting proper ventillation to the Onkyo as the number one first step.

#233 - 12/08/01 03:27 PM Re: Problem Driving Axioms

Just a suggestion here... I have had a set of old Cerwin Vega PD15's for over 12 years, they are 4ohm, 105 db sensivity, 15" woofer, Foam covered Midrange with Aluminum horned tweeters. Most receivers I have had state on the back 4 or 8 ohm on MAIN speaker outputs only. And then most of them have also stated that you can only run 1 set of 4 ohm speakers off the back. I have found that my harmon kardon and marantz receivers both ran too warm when connected to these speakers. I actually fried the Harmon Kardon! Since this I have found the use of separate amplifiers is MUCH better, especially if you use high end audiophile grade interconnects from the pre-outs on your receiver to the amps. This makes a huge difference. You can easily pick up an Acurus or Adcom Amp that will handle the 4 ohm speakers with no heating problems as they are stable down to 2 ohms! : ) I am now running a new model Marnatz Receiver and 3 separate Adcom Amps and the sound is incredible! Now I am looking to get some audiophile grade speakers and Axiom vs. PSB is my delimma but so far I'm seriously leaning twards the axiom. This post is a bit late but if your reading, separate amps is the way to go! : )

Good luck!



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