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I always felt that they could have used more bottom end. I would prefer not to get that bottom for music through a sub especially HT subs that strive to get that house shaking rumble. (And I sure do WANT a sub down the road that will do a decent job rumbling my house for movies)

You might be surprised by a good sub crossed over correctly. You don't have to shake the house. (But that is fun too!) The fact is, your speakers will drop off at some point - I know you know this, but - and a well-set sub will only produce music as intended by the live instruments starting at the range you select. For instance, I cross my sub at 30HZ and have the power barely up. It provides the bottem end my full range towers start to be lose. i often have to check that it is on. But once I turn it off, i instantly know that bottom end of Jazz strings is too light, and punch of rock drums lacks the weight I recall from the live venue.

On movies, flip the swith and let the studio use your sub at will (by by-passing the internal x-over). Shake that house like a bomb should!

Point is, it is not the sub that shakes the house...it is how you set the sub that shakes the house. Turn up the gain and cross over at 100hz and yes, you will hear that puppy bounce. Set it nice and tight, and you get full range, nothing more. Keep some small speakers and get a solid sub if you like your current L/R. My two cents.
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