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#246282 - 02/11/09 11:06 AM Energy Speakers
Zeddy Offline

Registered: 02/11/09
Posts: 4
Hi all,

Ive been lurking around here for some time and have finally deceided to make a post as I found this fourm to have a lot of knowledgeable posters. Ive been very interested in the Axiom Epic 80 500 speakers in a 5.1 setup for some time now. I finally saved up the cash for them when my buddy called and said he could me the following Energy 7.1 setup at an amazing price:

RC-70 Towers
RC-LCR Center
RC-R surrounds
RC-R surrounds

Total for this package at Futureshop is just over $3600 + taxes, which would be close to a Epic 80 500 5.1 setup.

My friend said he could get the Energy package for approximately $2700, which seems like a sweet deal.

I have no experience with Energy, but have never really heard anything bad about them. Has anyone compared them to the M80's? I know someone will ask about room size ect, right now Im renting and the room will change but Im looking for something to future proof my system so no matter where I go I will have enough and not have to worry about upgrading. Also the system will be used 80% movies, and only 20% for music. Money is not really an issue, I would rather spend the extra cash to get a better product.

I look forward to hearing all the replies.

#246286 - 02/11/09 11:21 AM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Zeddy]
jakewash Offline
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Simply put, buy the Axioms, more detail and tighter sounding bass, IMO. Are the Axiom's worth $1000 more, only you can make that decision, for some they wouldn't be, to me they are, the better sub alone is worth the extra costs.


#246295 - 02/11/09 11:47 AM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Zeddy]
Adrian Offline

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Welcome, Zeddy, I'm sure you'll get plenty of input from the guys here. I am currently waiting on some Axiom speakers (M80s, VP150, QS8s) after auditioning a number of speaker brands including Energy.
The Energy speakers, to me, and I'm sure you'll hear from some other members here, were felt to be rather 'muffled' sounding or 'muted' when compared to some of the other speakers I auditioned (Paradigm, Monitor Audio to name a couple). I was looking at Energys at FS on one of their sales before Christmas and came away quite dissappointed by their sound. Having said that, Energys top of the line "Veritas" have been compared to Axioms and are said to sound similar, the difference of course being that the Veritas are easily double the $$ of the Axioms(M80).
I feel very confident saying that the RC series of Energy speakers are not comparable to Axiom speakers. (I'll let others tell you more about the "Axiom Sound" as like many I have ordered mine on faith based on very positive reviews). Axioms are considered to be detailed, like Paradigm or Monitor Audios, but at a lower price point.
Now, if you're on a budget, you may want to do what some have done, you could choose M22s, M60s or M80s for your fronts...they all have their own strengths but have the "Axiom Sound" at different price points. The VP100 or 150 could be used in any of those combinations and the QS8 is one of the most highly rated surrounds in the industry. As for subs, Axioms are very good but if you want to(as I have) you could perhaps pick up a deal on one of the many other brands and be satisfied as there are many subs to choose from in the $500-800 range(or more dep on budget).
If you order through the Factory outlet you'll get a 10% discount and a further 5% if you get 5 items. (you can also save on shipping if you are able to pickup). Also you don't pay PST at Axiom.
Bang-per-buck I don't think you could beat Axiom and even though $2700 sounds like a good deal for the Energys I would implore you to listen to a few other speakers to see what kind of sound you like because a "good deal" could be a "bad deal" if you don't like the sound. Go and audition the Energys and take your time comparing them to other speakers using some music you're familiar with, so you can compare them, you may in fact prefer them, but I just felt they sounded "cloudy".
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#246320 - 02/11/09 01:02 PM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Adrian]
SirQuack Offline
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Zeddy, are you ordering from the Axiom Factory Outlet to save 10% plust 5%? Can't help you on Energy, but I liked my Axioms better than B&W 700 series, which are expensive.
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#246321 - 02/11/09 01:03 PM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Zeddy]
lhulls Offline

Registered: 10/13/06
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Loc: Niagara Region, Canada
Hello Zeddy
I've also listened to the RC series and found them to be comparable to the Axioms. In fact I would not consider the C series or the RC series laid back. Even though Energy speakers are built in China, (Axiom’s drivers are manufactured in China), they are still designed and engineered in Canada, which is always a good thing when you’re considering loudspeakers. I own a set of Axiom M50’s, and they are wonderful, but Axiom does not have a monopoly on good sounding speakers. In your quest for audio nirvana, you might also consider PSB’s. Keep in mind, whatever you decide that you have to live with these loudspeakers long after the price is forgotten. So whichever you choose, enjoy.
I cannot comment on the subs as I haven’t heard either.
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#246328 - 02/11/09 01:39 PM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: lhulls]
tomtuttle Offline

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Since your material leans heavily towards movies, you will probably enjoy having a VERY capable subwoofer. The sub does NOT have to be the same brand as the rest of the speakers to "blend" or be effective. I have heard volumes of praise for the Axiom subs (and others from Hsu, SVS, etc.). I have not heard the same level of excitement about the Energy subs, which seem to be kind of an marketing-driven afterthought for them. I am absolutely unconvinced that the smallish 10" Energy sub you mentioned can compete with the Axiom EP350, much less the EP500.

I think the MSRP for that system is pretty inflated, especially the towers and center. You have MANY choices for that much money. You could get custom finish Axioms for that price.

I'm not too keen on the design of the surround. While it is an odd-shaped box reminiscent of the Axiom design, I'm just puzzled about mounting the midranges on different planes than the tweeter and woofer.

Now, like Adrian and other said, if you listen to them and are seduced, go forth and be happy. But this is the Axiom forum, so you're going to get a lot of responses that urge you to also give Axiom speakers a chance. I feel pretty confident than an Epic 60 500 system would be more satisfying than the Energy system you're considering.
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#246338 - 02/11/09 03:06 PM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Zeddy]
alan Offline


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Hi Zeddy,

And welcome. To give you a little more background, it's true that Energy was once a Canadian speaker company that built some quite good speakers, as well as a line called Energy Veritas (very expensive) that are comparable to Axiom's floorstanding models. In the comparisons I made, the Veritas was slightly muted through the midrange compared to the M80 v2.

The RC series was decent but not as linear or uncolored as the Axioms.

Energy is now owned by Klipsch, and I don't know what changes have been made. I do know production was moved to China.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)

#246404 - 02/12/09 09:10 AM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: alan]
Zeddy Offline

Registered: 02/11/09
Posts: 4
Well thanks for all the quick replies, they really did help. Im thinking of maybe ordering from the factory outlet to save a few bucks, as I dont think my Denon 988 Receiver can run at 4ohms to power the M80's so it will need to be replaced.

Ive been very happy with Denon, and Im not going to ask what type of receiver to get as there are countless threads already on that topic. Although I am very curious about the new Yamaha RX-Z7. it looks like a beast. Anyone have any experience or thoughts with this model?

Ive also heard Pioneer Elite has a new receiver coming out but its not on their site, or maybe Im just misinformed.

Anyway thanks again for the replies and information, I looke forward to hearing from everyone again and in the future.

#246406 - 02/12/09 09:16 AM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Zeddy]
Wid Offline

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Your Denon will be fine with the M80s if that's what you choose.

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#246428 - 02/12/09 10:19 AM Re: Energy Speakers [Re: Zeddy]
ClubNeon Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Zeddy
Ive also heard Pioneer Elite has a new receiver coming out but its not on their site, or maybe Im just misinformed.

I don't know about the Elite line, but regular Pioneer has the '19 series of receivers waiting in the wings. Usually the Elites follow a little bit later.

Audioholics has a test review of the SC-07, a mid-range Elite model. It didn't respond well to a broadband test into a 4 Ohm load, but the report went on to say musical content into an actual speaker should be OK.

I have a 1018, their current top-of-the-line standard model. If someone wants to give me a pair of M80s, I'll be happy to report how it handles. ;\)
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