Thanks for the added information. Apparently there was only one reviewer that had an issue with the ohm load for the SC-07 / 05. The others that tested the receiver had no issues and none of the owners have had any issues so I am pretty comfortable about it now. I am also looking at the Triple 8s which are to be great HT speakers and then I would drive 3 4ohm speakers and that does concern me a bit.... will think about it

Did not get it from the name your price. They were cheaper than where I got it, but wanted almost $200 to ship it to Alaska. The other seller was locked in by Amazon at $39 shipping so that made that the best deal. BB didn't want to lower the price enough so went through an Amazon dealer. Now the prices are up from a 1 1/2 month ago actually - they are running out of them but I got one and am happy about it.