My fiancee (Amy) and I went to Nashville, Tennessee this past Saturday so that we could attend the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) annual convention that ran from the 10th until the 12th. I got back on Wednesday and saw something about a birthday thread... well I looked through the Home Theater forum here and didn't see anything, so I thought maybe it was taken down or something... please forgive me, I don't frequent any of the other forums, so I didn't even think to check any of them. But I did finally see it in the 'Water Cooler' forum and have replied to it. So anyway, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday on Monday, I'm sorry that I wasn't online while I was down there so that I could respond sooner.

Oh well, better late than pregnant I always say!

My Stuff :

Denon 4802
Emotiva XPA-3
Samsung BD-P3600
Sharp 65 Inch Aquos LCD