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#305629 - 05/09/10 02:52 AM Re: VP180 [Re: CV]
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Maybe they finally tried out 2x6's idea about upgraded caps in the crossover?
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#305630 - 05/09/10 02:58 AM Re: VP180 [Re: pmbuko]
CV Online   confused
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Speaking of caps, I want something like this, but I don't want it affixed to a helmet. I want it to more naturally emanate from my hair. It seems like it would make a good chef's hat, especially if you specialize in spicy foods.

#305636 - 05/09/10 07:14 AM Re: VP180 [Re: grunt]
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 Originally Posted By: grunt
Being that it is noticeably less forward than the M80 have you noticed any issues with the timbre of voices changing as they pan across the front soundstage like when an actor walks off screen left or right while talking?

A VERY slight difference, but nowhere near as noticeable as the VP150. I think to the average listener, there would be no difference. If anything, I think the difference is in the positive direction because the timbre sounds a little more natural for vocals than if I were to have an M80 as a center. I think the fuller sound is perfect for a center. Again, sound is so subjective, and I think many of you will have slightly different opinions (also will be based on your room).

I am very interested to see what Alan thought was different about the VP180 as far as it's sound.

#305652 - 05/09/10 11:19 AM Re: VP180 [Re: SRoode]
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I don't remember who posted it a few pages back, but the rumor going around is that Axiom will not be offering a 150 to 180 trade up right away.

If I am wrong, which I hope I am, somebody can jump in and comment on it.

Honestly if they didn't do it, it wouldn't surprise me due to how popular this beast will be.

I had convinced my fiance that a new receiver(4810), Blu-Ray player(BDP-83) and two new sets of speakers(M2&M22 inwalls) were all I needed to upgrade right now....guess I have to find a way to get the VP-180 next month. OF COURSE, that will most likely lead to an upgrade from my M60's to the M80's...

#305653 - 05/09/10 11:21 AM Re: VP180 [Re: SRoode]
grunt Offline

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Thanks for the clarification and sorry for so many questions but tweaking is my nature. By any chance have you tired it out vertically. I was wondering how that driver array would sound standing up. Specifically I was thinking that FR of the speaker wouldn’t vary as much depending on which set of drivers was closest to ear level when elevated and sitting up close.

Also I was wondering if you think the slight difference in tone of the VP180 to the M80 may be just an artifact of it’s different positioning both horizontal and in/near a cabinet?

I completely agree with you that sound is subjective however, we have had a common experience pairing the VP150 and M80s and noticed the same improvements when switching out the VP150 for an M80 like design so I think in this case we are perceiving things at least somewhat similarly.

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#305667 - 05/09/10 12:09 PM Re: VP180 [Re: grunt]
SRoode Offline

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I think tweaking is in any audiophile's nature! No, I have not tried it vertically. I have very little time when I am home (on the road for work) to tweak what I have. It may be an artifact, but I just finished listening to my last set before my plane ride today. It was "Hall and Oates: Live at the Troubadour". It sounded so perfect with the new center, that any differences in timbre can be thrown right out the window. My wife had heard it before with the VP150. I called her down to specifically listen to "Abandoned Luncheonette". She said that she felt like she was there listening to it live. Any differences in timbre are actually helping the blend. It is a breathtaking sound, and sometimes even emotional depending on your personal ties to the song that is being played. IMHO, it's the greatest compliment you can give to a loudspeaker.

To cut to the chase, I think you will really love it Dean.

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#305668 - 05/09/10 12:40 PM Re: VP180 [Re: CatBrat]
Micah Offline

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 Originally Posted By: CatBrat
That's gotta be one great sounding system. I'm jealous.

That was "one great sounding system" last summer with the VP150 at the helm and twin EP800's with the old amps driving them... THIS system is more than likely 'UNBE-FREAKIN-LIVABLE"!!!!!!

I'm definately not going to pass up the invite to 'come play' sometime this summer now! \:D

Last time I departed your home Steve I was thoroughly convinced that Axiom made one hell of a loud speaker, and that I needed to place my order for a system pronto. I have no doubts that this time I'll come away thoroughly convinced that I HAVE to get the VP180! \:o

Congratulations on convincing Ian and the rest of them over there at Axiom to build you your dream center. I have no doubts that it had at least occured to them to do this before, but it seems you had quite some influence on finally getting them to 'get out of my dreams and get into my car' so-to-speak. Now the rest of us get to reap the rewards as well.

Job well done!
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#305691 - 05/09/10 06:26 PM Re: VP180 [Re: HTGEEK]
SatKartr Offline

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According to Brent, the vp150 to vp180 trade up was what I thought: you can't get both deals, i.e., you can't order the vp180 on preorder and also get a tradeup discount, so you can't get the $100 off via preorder and also tradeup, but if you don't want to hang onto the vp150 you can order the vp180 after June 1st and get whatever the tradeup value on your vp150 is (based on date of purchase) reduced from the expected price of $695.
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#305698 - 05/09/10 07:35 PM Re: VP180 [Re: SatKartr]
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yeah, and either way, its about 100$ off the "normal" price... would be nice if they even gave say 100$ off for a 150, so about 200$ total off of the regular price. I would think they would still be ahead financially, and would probably sell a lot more product.....

#305701 - 05/09/10 08:06 PM Re: VP180 [Re: dakkon]
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Selling volume at a loss generally isn't the best plan. Just ask any number of internet startups...
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