Along with my dual subwoofer workout I was also testing how well the AS-EQ1 does at applying EQ to multiple seats, three in a row in this case. I’m skipping most of the boring details so if you have any questions about how I tested just ask.

I tested both one of Sean’s D-10s and my EP500 in the best location. I also tested dual D-10s in 7 locations and a dual D-10 and Ep500 combo located between the two best spots in the room.

The results were all very good except for one, the D-10 + EP500 combo which actually measured worse when EQ was applied.

To gauge the success of applying EQ I measured the subwoofer(s) performance across all three seats noting individual significant results and the range of SPL deviation in each seat. To determine how well it worked across all three seats I summed the individual deviation from each of the seats.

Depending on the locations tested the combined deviations for all 3 seats totaled from 45dB to 70dB w/o EQ. The best measurement 45dB was the EP500 alone in the best location with the worst measurement 70dB being dual D-10s in all cased running either single or dual D-10s the deviation across all 3 seats was cut nearly in half when EQ was applied. Very occasionally a single seat would get slightly worse (usually within the margin of error of 3dB) but overall the 3 seats as a whole got better.

The single best result was running the AS-EQ1 on my EP500 in the best location. The deviations I measured w/o EQ were (L/C/R) 7/18/20dB. With EQ it became 9/9/12. More important is that the very high and very low frequency peaks were gone with most of the variation being at the dip. The improvement in the center and especially the right seat are very noticeable to the ear/body.

One other thing I did notice was that while the EQ improved the FR in the seating area some other areas notably the kitchen were very negatively effected and sound better with the EQ turned off. Not an issue since I usually only play my M80 “whole house audio system” when wandering around.
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