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#313071 - 07/02/10 01:09 AM HDBaseT
CV Offline
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Worth having a discussion about. I like the potential.

HDMI is Dead. Introducing HDBaseT Networking (Audioholics)

I haven't had any major gripes with HDMI, except maybe how long the handshaking can take, but this certainly seems more elegant and convenient. I'm rooting for it already, so I hope it's implemented well.

#313072 - 07/02/10 01:15 AM Re: HDBaseT [Re: CV]
Ken.C Offline
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I think I can wait for that... sweet.
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#313262 - 07/03/10 03:48 PM Re: HDBaseT [Re: Ken.C]

Now that is cool.

#313265 - 07/03/10 05:33 PM Re: HDBaseT [Re: ]
oldskoolboarder Offline

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I love this idea. Hope it comes to fruition. HDMI had good intentions but CAT5 is more prevalent and cheaper.

#313266 - 07/03/10 05:53 PM Re: HDBaseT [Re: oldskoolboarder]
F16Thud Offline

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Well, we can all see it now.....Monster Cable Cat5 at $450 for 2M!!!

It would be awesome to see HDBaseT be the norm! It just makes sense!

#313267 - 07/03/10 05:54 PM Re: HDBaseT [Re: oldskoolboarder]
CV Offline
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Yeah, I would definitely love the terminating in the field aspect. I've already run Cat-6 throughout the house. It would just be much more convenient than HDMI is.

#313273 - 07/03/10 08:04 PM Re: HDBaseT [Re: CV]
dakkon Offline

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This would be perfect.. stream netfix, or itunes strait to your reciever, and then send it to any room in the house. just one more reason that the people who got their entire house wired for networking will come out ahead yet again.... and you won't need an electrician to come out and put power outlets where you want to hang your display.....

I hope this does work they way they say... CV your right, you only need a 10$ tool to terminate a Cat5 cable.... nice and easy....even though Monster will try to tell everyone that their cables are better because (fill in reason here)

#313280 - 07/04/10 12:29 AM Re: HDBaseT [Re: dakkon]
Micah Offline

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Damn, can't wait to see how awesome HDBaseT 1.2 is going to be!!!

J/K, actually CV, you had me at, "HDMI is dead"! wink

Mainly because it seems they're having to upgrade the damn thing to incorporate whatever new technology is coming out at the time. This looks to be fairly future proof (of course with all the extra capacity, naturally companies will soon be rushing their 2160p resolution tv's to market along with their brand new Extreme Quadrouple High Definition surround sound modes), and altogether easier.... yes it looks like a grand slam by all means. I'm half tempted to pull my nest egg out of the bank and invest it in stock for this technology. But not everything that looks like it's about to take over the world does (however they do have Sony on board.... which means their deep pockets will deep six HDMI faster than you can say HD DVD!!! whistle).

I'm rooting for this thing to take off as well. Mostly because it looks to be altogether better than HDMI... but I also have to admit that I have a rather selfish reason for cheering for it as well... as one of the last people to have not upgraded my reciever to an HDMI capable model yet, I could sigh a huge breath of relief for not pulling the trigger on one just yet if they are about to become obsolete in the near future.

Had I'd suffered the last 4 - 5 years in misery because I had rolled the dice at exactly the worst time when I bought my Denon 4802, then I would have thrown in the towel forsure if I would have recently invested in an HDMI module just as they were being phased out! crazy

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#313282 - 07/04/10 01:03 AM Re: HDBaseT [Re: Micah]
dakkon Offline

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micah, i dont have HDMI either.... almost all analog, with the acceptation of the digital audio from the cable box...

the HDMI idea was pretty good, audio/video in one cable...... but I'm still a fan of analog all the way....

#313290 - 07/04/10 03:22 AM Re: HDBaseT [Re: dakkon]
ClubNeon Offline

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I'm going to be a nay saying on this one. I see so many of these technologies pop up, all to fail. HDMI is too entrenched to be replaced at this point. Maybe with the next round of 4K equipment, but not with what we have now. Consumers are going to be pissed off enough at the 3D upgrade.

Yeah cat-6 would be nice, as I can terminate it myself. Although we should start seeing the field terminated HDMI soon.

Also keep in mind, this isn't HD over Ethernet, it is just using cat-6 cable as a point-to-point bus, you can't plug this HDbaseT into an Ethernet switch and expect it to work. The Ethernet frames are wrapped inside the rest of the protocol. HDMI 1.4 can already do the same thing. So all the stuff they said about devices talking to each other is already possible. Just about everything has an Ethernet jack already, and equipment interconnected by HDMI 1.4 only needs one Ethernet connection, if implemented they can all talk to each other, and share the connection via the HDMI cable.

Oh, and Denon has already done the $500 Ethernet cable. And it's only 1.5M.
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