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#314606 - 07/14/10 12:01 AM M22v3 vs M60v3
BadDog Offline

Registered: 07/13/10
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I am in the process of trying to finalize front speaker selection for my 5.1 HT. My room size is rectangular 12x24 w/8ft ceiling. The surrounds that I have already order were QS8s, and the Sub VP350. Now I am torn between the M22v3 or the M60v3. I use the system mostly for TV and Movies and ocassionally I flip on the CD for some Yanni and Fleetwood Mac. I am powering the system with a Onkyo SR-608 and volume setting with my old 1980 Infinity Speakers is set about 50 for TV then I have to switch it up to 65 for movies. Any recommendations on which speaker would perform the best for me or are both equally the same?


#314608 - 07/14/10 12:10 AM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: BadDog]
Zocco97 Offline
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I'd go with the M60's for a more full range of sonics. However with the Sub you have the M22's will sound very nice. You can't go wrong with either selection, especially for your uses TV's and Movies.

#314609 - 07/14/10 12:13 AM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: BadDog]
bdpf Offline

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If your application is mostly movies, I would go with the 22s and use the extra $$$ to upgrade the sub. You will end up with a better system for movies thanks to the deeper bass and still have an amazing system for music since many have mentioned that M22s + sub sounds very close to M80s. Axiom subs are "musical" subs, accurate like the rest of their speakers. For movies I would be looking at other manufacturers like SVS, HSU, Elemental designs, etc... For the same price range, you could find a sub maybe not as good as Axiom for music but that would shake your whole house for movies a lot more than the EP350 or EP500.
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#314615 - 07/14/10 12:48 AM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: BadDog]
JohnK Offline
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BD, welcome. The advantage that the M60s would have would be entirely in bass extension and maximum bass loudness. A good sub takes care of the bass extension and provides more loudness capability for the majority of the bass range. The mid-range and treble are handled by the same drivers in both speakers, but note that the M22 has two of the 5 1/4" drivers handling the crucial mid-range, while the M60 uses one. If anything, therefore, the M22 would be able to play the mid-range frequencies a bit more loudly or with lower distortion at the same loudness level. It isn't necessarily true that a tower speaker can "play louder" than a bookshelf model in a large room.

My suggestion would be to go with the M22s plus a good sub.

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#314622 - 07/14/10 01:43 AM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: JohnK]
dakkon Offline

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going with the m22 over the m60's will give you the amount of money you need for an EPP500... actually you will save 61$ laugh

the 500, has 200W more, and plays 8HZ lower..

#314639 - 07/14/10 10:40 AM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: dakkon]
ClubNeon Offline

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I vote for the M22 + EP500 combo also.
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#314671 - 07/14/10 12:34 PM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: BadDog]
Micah Offline

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Originally Posted By: BadDog
... and ocassionally I flip on the CD for some Yanni...

...Ummmm... yeah I dunno if I can recommend an Axiom speaker to have to play Yanni. crazy

Wow, and I thought my musical tastes were diverse. I guess I'm not quite as open minded as I thought I was! shocked
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#314675 - 07/14/10 12:50 PM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: Micah]
2packer Offline

Registered: 07/05/09
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I have the M22, vp150, and qs8 and my room is larger than yours. For movies I sit about 12' back and with a good sub you'll definately be happy with the M22's. I just got last week my M60's as I need more to fill the room for music.

If your looking to keep costs down I would go with the M22 and upgrade the sub. For movies the sub is pretty important to me.

What do you have for a center channel speaker? From what I've heard 3 M22's up front is better if the space allows than 2 M22's and a vp100 or vp150. I didn't have the space so I went with the vp150.

#314679 - 07/14/10 01:05 PM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: 2packer]
jakewash Offline
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+1 for M22/EP500 over the M60s but I like a more pronounced midrange, this is a subtle difference though.
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#316971 - 07/28/10 11:33 AM Re: M22v3 vs M60v3 [Re: jakewash]
lex Offline

Registered: 07/07/10
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This is a great thread as I am on the fence between the in-cabinet M60's and the in-wall M22's. Since I'm going with a sub (looking at the EP600 - but open for alternatives) anyway, I like the idea of having more mid-range with the M22's. Anybody out there hear the difference between the 2 I mentioned?

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