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#316460 - 07/24/10 10:29 AM Opinions
DaMagicman Offline
old hand

Registered: 07/03/10
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Loc: Canada
I need you guys/ladies opinions on whether I better off buying a dedicated blu ray or buy a ps3. I'm considering a sony bd 470s blu ray for $245 and not sure if they're any good. My kids want me to stick to ps3 so I could replace thier ps3 with xbox..hmmm interior motive...stores around here are bestbuy,futurecshop and vision.maybe costco.thx
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#316465 - 07/24/10 10:57 AM Re: Opinions [Re: DaMagicman]
Ichigo_Kurosaki Offline

Registered: 06/18/10
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Loc: Japan
I guess some people over here would definitely advise you to get the ps3. Chris if I am not mistaken can give you lots of reason why. smile I am using my PS3 as a blu ray player and I have to say I am quite satisfied with it. Some people over here faced the same dilemma as you, since they also have children they stick up to the PS3. I will let the pros do the talking, since I am just a noobie.
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#316466 - 07/24/10 11:33 AM Re: Opinions [Re: Ichigo_Kurosaki]
RickF Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
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Loc: Vero Beach, Florida
I just handed my PS3 down to my son and replaced it with a stand alone Panasonic BD85 and am really digging the move. I never personally liked using the PS3 and thought more often than not it was a pain in the backside ... the blue tooth remote, setup menus, needing to have the TV on to play CDs and etc. Comparatively speaking the Panasonic is simple to use, is easy to setup and the picture (to me) is equally as well as the PS3 *and* I incorporated it into the rest of the system via the IR emitters and universal remote.

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#316468 - 07/24/10 11:47 AM Re: Opinions [Re: RickF]
dewd Offline

Registered: 05/05/08
Posts: 200
Loc: Mechanicsburg, PA, USA
IMO, the PS3 is great for my teenage son since he's a gamer and watches movies. But for my main viewing room, I would not want it. I prefer a stand alone, dedicated device. I highly recommend Panasonic as well.
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#316469 - 07/24/10 11:50 AM Re: Opinions [Re: RickF]
Lampshade Offline

Registered: 11/08/05
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Loc: Millis, MA
If you get a stand alone, your kids will still want an xbox. If they eventually get one will the PS3 just sit there?
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#316470 - 07/24/10 11:50 AM Re: Opinions [Re: dewd]
Wid Offline

Registered: 06/22/03
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Loc: The Peoples Republic of Il.

No experience with the PS3 but I do like my Panasonic BR player.

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#316475 - 07/24/10 12:17 PM Re: Opinions [Re: DaMagicman]
Jc Offline


Registered: 06/27/06
Posts: 531
Loc: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
Hi Axopar,

I also switched from a PS3 to a Panasonic DMP-BD55 for my Home Theatre Room. At the time, the main reason was that I needed the 7.1 analogue outputs to feed the signal to my Newcastle P-965 preamp/processor. I also needed a Blu-ray player for my other demo room (Family room), so the PS3 was all indicated. Might be my imagination but Blu-ray discs seemed to be better looking and also were regular DVDs on the Panasonic.

When I will be upgrading from my Newcastle P-965 to a preamp/processor with HDMI capability I'm looking forward to switch to a Universal player such as the OPP0 83BD or soon to be released Marantz or Denon models.

By the way, my PS3 is on its way to Sony for repair (out of warranty - minimum charge over $150.00); it had started freezing on games and Blu-ray discs.

#316479 - 07/24/10 12:43 PM Re: Opinions [Re: Jc]
BlueJays1 Offline

Registered: 09/19/08
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If your kids want to play games on the PS3 then definitely get that as your Blu-ray player. The dvd upconversion, load times, and blu-ray playback are still among the top players available.

There are some advantages to a stand alone player however. They run quieter, come with a proper remote and are less clunky looking.

If you are looking at standalone, I would also second looking at players from manufacturers such as OPPO and Panasonic. I currently use the exact same model as JC, the Panasonic BD55 and have been very pleased with the entire package - how quiet it runs, load times, dvd upconversion, Blu-ray using multi-channel analog, Blu-ray video playback etc.

PS: Panasonic does not make the model 55 anymore, their new model numbers are in the 60's and 80's.
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#316480 - 07/24/10 01:07 PM Re: Opinions [Re: dewd]
Scamp Offline
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The new PS3-Slim can bitstream DTS-MA and other formats so that's a good thing.

The Oppo 83 Blu-Ray player can do all that plus play DVD-Audio and SACD's. It think it also cooks you breakfast in the morning and tucks you in at night.
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#316489 - 07/24/10 02:04 PM Re: Opinions [Re: Scamp]
ClubNeon Offline

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I think everyone has well covered the bases of the pluses and minuses of the PS3 vs. a stand-alone.

Another plus of the PS3, it is entirely software defined, so it isn't limited by the chips in it. It was one of the first BD players on the market. Yet, it has grown to be Profile 2.0 compatible (they added Java and network connectivity to it, something no stand-alone could accomplish). And now Sony is going to add BD 3D to it. So if you want a future-proof player it's good for that.

The new Slim models are virtually silent, especially when playing a movie. But they are odd shaped. If you want something which looks like a component, that isn't it. The new one also bitstreams, but I don't see that as an actual plus, just a box to be ticked.

People complain about the Blue Tooth remote. Sure it makes replacing it with a universal difficult (needs an IR to BT converter). But as remotes go, it's my favorite one to use. I don't need to point it anywhere. Just be within about 30 feet (even through walls) of the player and push the button, it'll respond. Of course there are UHF universals which allow you to do the same thing.

October will bring Netflix as a real application, rather than a Profile 2.0 Blu-ray disc. So things will work much smoother then. Although it's not bad now.

It really comes down to what you (or your family) want from a player.
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