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#321038 - 09/01/10 11:24 PM Finally Ready for axioms and stuff
sawyer1370 Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
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Ok, I have been lurking around Axiom for like 5 years now. Life and timing have finally come into play and I'm ready to pull the trigger on getting an axiom speaker set up for my new family room.

I'm thinking the the M60's for fronts, the QS8 for rears and the VP150 v3 for the front.

I'm also getting the new Onkyo TX-NR808 receiver, which is a 7.2 receiver.

My house already has JBL SP6CSII in the ceiling (hey the came with the house). I figure I'll use those for me second set of rear speakers.

I have 2 openings on either side of my in-wall entertainment center that are 22" wide x 16" tall x 16" deep. I figured those are perfect places for a set of small but punchy subs.

Day Time
Night Time

Now I know a lot of people here opt for subs other than the Axioms. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I thought something like the Definitive Technology ProSub 800 or the Infinity PS212 would be perfect. Are 2 decent subs better than one expensive subs for a 7.2 system?

Any and all advice is welcome, as I know most of you enjoy setting up dream systems as much as I do.


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#321039 - 09/01/10 11:50 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: sawyer1370]
JohnK Offline
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Larry, welcome back. Those Axioms that you've selected should be excellent. The QS8s will be side surrounds, so where in relation to your listening position are those JBL ceiling speakers? The positioning might not really be suitable for the back surrounds.

Fine choice for your receiver.

As to the subs, keep in mind that they can be positioned just as well lying down, so the 24" width available doesn't necessarily limit you to small subs.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#321040 - 09/01/10 11:57 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: JohnK]
snazzed Offline

Registered: 09/07/09
Posts: 209
Re Subs... don't shoot me but I just ordered an Outlaw LFM1-Plus today.

They have a 15% 0ff + free shipping sale on until September 06.

Please don't shoot me.

Seriously though, if this post is offensive to the board feel free to remove it and advise me.

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#321058 - 09/02/10 04:20 AM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: snazzed]
mpyw Offline

Registered: 07/24/09
Posts: 288
Loc: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
you have almost the same setup as mine, even the room size also almost identical, except that I still saving up for my QS8 but my Orb are doing a decent job for me now.

I have the NR808 for a month now and it's an excellent AVR with tons of features. I bet you will love your setup as much as I do.


#321078 - 09/02/10 11:29 AM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: sawyer1370]
BadDog Offline

Registered: 07/13/10
Posts: 5
Like you, I was pondering Axioms for a long time. Just received my Axioms yesterday, the M60s, The QS8s and the VP150. Had issues powering them with my new Onkyo TXSR608. They didn't sound good until I cranked the receiver up. This a.m. switched back to my old Onkyo without HDMI and they now sound good at lower levels. Think my old receiver has a higher output. For music they sound excellent, however for TV watching and movies they are average. I am disappointed in the lows, virtually have to rely on the sub. Thought the M60s would have done a much better job in handling the lows. I currently have a Velodyne sub, and have ordered a new SVS SB12 sub for replacement, but it hasn't got here yet. The QS8s are excelllent. The VP 150 seems to be a little bright. Will try them out through next week and determine if I want to keep them or not.

#321086 - 09/02/10 01:34 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: BadDog]
Scamp Offline
old hand

Registered: 07/22/10
Posts: 84
Loc: Bethesda, MD
Just an option....

I have a 24x17x7 room and went with M22's for F/R/C, QS8's for Surrounds and a SVS PC12+ Subwoofer.

It fills the room and then some with very nice sound.
M22's x 3, QS8's x 4
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#321090 - 09/02/10 01:51 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: Scamp]
SirQuack Offline
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bad dog, you must have something wrong in your settings/calibration in the receiver, the 60's should put out tons of bass. In fact, back when I owned some, people thought I had a sub still in the mix when I had disabled the sub from the equation.
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#321091 - 09/02/10 02:09 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: SirQuack]
kordeo Offline

Registered: 08/11/10
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Loc: Ontario
lol..bad dog
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#321092 - 09/02/10 02:18 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: kordeo]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Hi BadDog,

If you have the M60's set to small in the receiver they will only be playing down to the crossover point selected (the crossover does not act as a brick wall though).

The only way to get the full bass potential from the M60's is to set them to large in the receiver so they play full range. I just want to make sure you have tried this or have the speakers set up this way.

I am not familiar with the velodyne sub you have but the SVS will make a big difference for home theater. In the case when using the subs you can set the M60's to small with a 60hz or 80hz crossover.
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#321094 - 09/02/10 02:32 PM Re: Finally Ready for axioms and stuff [Re: SirQuack]
sawyer1370 Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
Posts: 22
My room is 18 feet wide and it goes from the family room all the way into the kitchen, so the back of the room is open. I have 9 foot ceilings too.

If you look at the pics I posted, the small openings I was going to put the sub woofer in are 22" wide x 16" tall x 16" deep.

So I'm thinking of getting a small sub to put in one of those spots for now, and then get a second one later on. I think that will give me enough on the low end of things.

So is one large sub woofer better than 2 smaller subs, or will I even really notice a difference if I'm not going to A/B test them?

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