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#322127 - 09/12/10 06:33 PM which TV would you get
72mustang Offline
old hand

Registered: 10/10/07
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I got a TV but think I made the wrong choice after seeing some on display yesterday.

1) Samsung Plasma 50c550 $1000 60hrz refresh
2) Samsung LCD 46c610 $1100 120 refresh rate

TV will be viewed for both satelitte tv and movies. TV will be downstairs BUT the room has large windows facing west so will get alot of sun.

I seen LOTRings on the LCD Samsung yesterday on Blueray. I was blown away at how clear some scenes were. Almost like it was filmed in vidio like Trailer Park Boys or the LIttles Hobo canadian tv. Im fearfull that the plasma will NOT be as clear with the 60hrz refreshrate compared to the LCD with the 120. Since alot of viewing will be regular satellite at 720 I think the Plasma will not be as clear as one that was on display that had just regular sateliite. LED is too expensive so thats out of the question. Which would you choose and for what reasons? Is there a good 50in LCD that will not break the bank?

ps... I have NOT seen blureay movies on the 50in plasma... maybe Im jumpiong to conclusions.

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#322139 - 09/12/10 07:52 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: 72mustang]
GregLee Offline

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Loc: Waimanalo, HI
I like Samsung, too -- my last 3 TVs have been Samsung plasmas.

You don't need to be worried about plasmas being less clear than LCDs because of a lower refresh rate. The TV signal itself is 60Hz. There may be advantages to the TV having higher rates, but I don't see how that could improve resolution. Some plasmas advertise high refresh rates, too. (My Samsung pn58c8000 has 96Hz framerate for 1080p blu-ray, and 600Hz "subfield" refresh for all signals.)

Most satellite HD signals are at 1080i -- only a few are at 720p.
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#322160 - 09/12/10 09:43 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: GregLee]
1sweetspot Offline

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On a 120 Hz LCD display, half of the information is "interpolated" to fill in an artificial frame in between each real frame by a chip in the TV, that's why they look like a documentary or something. As was mentioned, the signal is currently 60 Hz.

Lots of people like that look. I prefer a plasma as it remains more true to the source, higher contrast ratio, faster response, etc. Per inch of display, they are also considerably more affordable.

#322175 - 09/12/10 10:02 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: 72mustang]
JohnK Offline
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Bruce, you may indeed be jumping to conclusions; the Samsung 50" plasmas are excellent. Those higher refresh rates are applied only to LCD sets in an effort to reduce motion blur. The effectiveness for that purpose in real world viewing is questionable. In any case, plasma sets aren't subject to this motion blur and therefore simply operate at the standard 60Hz rate of the incoming signals.

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#322194 - 09/12/10 10:59 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: 72mustang]
Lorenzo1000 Offline

Registered: 02/07/04
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Loc: Winterpeg
Plasma all the way for the win...just a great true to life picture!!!
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#322199 - 09/12/10 11:26 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: Lorenzo1000]
sawyer1370 Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
Posts: 22
I went through the same debate myself recently. I don't do any gaming, but movies, HDTV and sports are what I watch. I looked at TV's for the picture quality of what I liked, and didn't pay attention to the technology, as they all have their pro's and con's.

I ended up with a Sony 60EX500, which is an LCD. To me, for the money and picture quality, that set just had the picture I liked best. Very low reflection and nice bright, natural looking colors. I thought Plasma and LED seems a bit too bright and in your face. TV's are much like speakers, it's all personal preference, which is why most here like Axiom over the various other speakers out there.

#322209 - 09/13/10 12:48 AM Re: which TV would you get [Re: sawyer1370]
HomeDad Offline

Registered: 12/29/05
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I agree it's all a matter of choice, personally I think the plasmas have better pq, particularly when I bought mine several years ago. Now the newer LCD's I would say are pretty comparable. A couple advantages of the LCD are that they use less power and generate less heat.
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#322210 - 09/13/10 12:52 AM Re: which TV would you get [Re: sawyer1370]
72mustang Offline
old hand

Registered: 10/10/07
Posts: 90
Ok... lets say I stick with Plasma. Is there any advantage from one model to other that is an option a person SHOULD have? Lets compare the one I mentioned above, the Samsung 50C550 for $1000. Compare it to the Panasonic TCP50S2 for $250 more. Panny stated it has an additional feature or two that is above the 600(60hrz) refresh rate that it claims it makes it pictures in movie and sports "blurr" and "fuzzy" free. Is this a marketing gimic or is there an advantage over one manufacture to the other without paying for extra crap like "colored frames" or smudge free screens. Samsung claims its images are "blurr" free but a couple of professional reviews I read online state that blurryness or fuzzy edges are consistant with this model of Samsung? Why cant it be as simple as the old days of only 2 models to pick from. LOL

#322290 - 09/13/10 03:19 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: 72mustang]
Pitbull24 Offline

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Plasma, I own 3 Samsung plasmas & 1 LCD. When my youngest needs a TV he will get the LCD and the bedroom will receive a Plasma in return.

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#322292 - 09/13/10 04:16 PM Re: which TV would you get [Re: Pitbull24]
michael_d Offline

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I just bought a 54" Panasonic Plasma. Spent yesterday watching football. No blur at all. Great picture in a room with wall to wall windows. I think it was about $1050 at Costco. Heavy SOB though. It was a real bitch mounting it above the fire place (ya, I know, bad to having it this high, but I had no choice) My LCD projector on the other hand is horible with sports and motion blur(JVC-RS20).

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