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#332612 - 12/27/10 11:10 AM new front stage??????
djenkins03 Offline

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Ok so i bought an onkyo tx-sr680 yesterday, i was using a home theater in a box with a sub powered by the reciever. so now i need a new sub, well i need all new speakers actually. I have decided to go with a epik empire sub and axiom speakers. i had decided on the m80 and vp180, but i reliazed the receiver is only 6ohm stable. so now im looking at the m60s and a vp150.
My question is how is this combo??
pretty good or should i try and take the receiver back and upgrade receivers??
also i can only afford the get the front stage or the sub now will have to wait till i get my taxes back to get the other, so which one should i get now the sub or the front stage?? will the m60s have much low end??
Sorry so many questions, i just dont want to regret my purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#332617 - 12/27/10 02:39 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: djenkins03]
ClubNeon Offline

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That Onkyo should have no trouble at reasonable listening levels (even some unreasonable ones) driving the M80s. Especially with a sub, as the reason of lowest impedance is in the very low bass range.

You'll have a hard time finding a receiver that actually advertises 4 Ohm stability. Most will say 4 Ohm is supported if the current limiter circuit is enabled, which compromises performance. Yet, at the same time, most receivers actually don't have a problem with 4 Ohms unless pushed to maximum volume levels. Additionally, they have safety shutdown features that'll turn the receiver off if it does get to hot. So if you shut it down, don't play it that loud for that long again (your ears will thank you too).
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#332618 - 12/27/10 03:01 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: ClubNeon]
SirQuack Offline
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Yes the m60's have great low end, almost the same as the m80's. Also, don't worry about the Onkyo driving the m80's, should be no problem.
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#332621 - 12/27/10 04:13 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: SirQuack]
Wid Offline

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As hot as my 707 gets just running the VP150 and 3 QS4s it would have to be a hot running sucker with the M80s on board. Thank goodness for the Rotel.

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#332622 - 12/27/10 04:21 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: Wid]
bdpf Offline

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My Denon is only rated for 6 ohms and I've never had any problem driving M80s + VP180.
I have had the M80s without a sub for a year now and they have enough bass for any type of music, so does the M60s. The only thing you'll be missing is the LFE from movies, even though at high volume, the M80s still make my floor rumble smile
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#332640 - 12/27/10 09:52 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: bdpf]
Adrian Offline

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As with any receiver, make sure it's got sufficient air circulation around it as well. You have to figure at least a few people who run into overheating probs is partly due to having inadequate venting(low shelf overhead/no open back). My mid level Denon 2809 has never had a problem with my M80/VP150 based system at fairly loud levels for 2-3hrs continuous.
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#332641 - 12/27/10 10:14 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: djenkins03]
JohnK Offline
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DJ, welcome. I don't "realize" that about the 608, and don't think that there's any valid way that you can either at this time. It should have no problem with the M80s and VP180 at comfortably loud, but safe, average listening levels. In any case, problems shouldn't be assumed.

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#332643 - 12/27/10 10:55 PM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: JohnK]
BobKay Offline

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Originally Posted By: JohnK
comfortably loud, but safe, average listening levels.

John, isn't that three things?
Comfort, safety and average are overrated.

Seriously, like everyone has said, either choice, 60's or 80's w/ VP150 will do fine with your Onkyo. I have two Onkyos. They run hot, I fan-cool them. I use the smaller one w/my ancient Snells and it can make 'em sing real nice, like.
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#332645 - 12/28/10 01:33 AM Re: new front stage?????? [Re: BobKay]
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What everyone else already said smile
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