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#334046 - 01/10/11 11:14 AM Advice on QS8 Placement
tjayl Offline
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Hi all,

I've got a question for owners of the QS8 to see if I'm going to get appreciably better results with one method of mounting over another.

We recently moved to a new house, and unfortunately the new place does not have a dedicated space for the theatre. The basement is fairly large and L shaped, so I'm using one part of the L as the home theatre corner.

I've got a two HT chairs with the projector on a stand behind the chairs. I'm currently using two towers from my old speaker set as surrounds. Moving to the QS8 would allow me to add more chairs by freeing up floor space.

Just behind the back of the chairs is a soffit for HVAC ducting. My mounting options would be as follows.
1. T bracket on the soffit (again this is located maybe a foot behind the chairs) with the QS8 directly facing the screen wall
2. FMB on the soffit with the QS8 angled towards the seating area as much as possible (it wouldn't be aimed directly at the chairs).
3. One QS8 on the sidewall directly facing the chairs, the other on a FM Ceiling Bracket directly facing the chairs.

So will I gain a lot using one of these mounting methods over another? Number 1 is obviously the cheapest and most asthetically pleasing, but if one of the other methods is going to be a huge advantage sound wise, it might be worth it.


#334050 - 01/10/11 11:40 AM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: tjayl]
ClubNeon Offline

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On the soffit behind the seating should be fine. The QS speakers are very forgiving to placement.

Because the faces on which the tweeters are mounted are angled, it may be possible to place the QSes far enough apart to have the inside ones firing toward the seating. A double bonus would be if the outside tweeters would hit the left and right walls at such an angle that the sound would reflect into the seating area too.

Just make sure you can mount them low enough to have at least a few inches for the top woofer to bounce off the ceiling.
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#334058 - 01/10/11 12:23 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: ClubNeon]
jakewash Offline
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I would go with the T bracket install both facing the screen, you already have the brackets so trying it this way is easiest. If you find this set up not to your likeing you could then move on to the others and try them out. I am quite certain the T bracket install behind the chairs will be more than adequate and result in great surround envelopment.
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#334079 - 01/10/11 01:16 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: jakewash]
bdpf Offline

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I have them on the T-bracket on my back wall. My couch is also against the wall so they only are slightly behind me. I think the QS8s are doing an excellent job even in this less that optimal placement. Mind you I never tried them on the side (ideal position).
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#334155 - 01/10/11 10:33 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: tjayl]
JohnK Offline
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TJ, welcome. Mounting position 1. should be fine; there's no need for the QSs to be aimed toward the listener. Keep in mind that the 5.1 surrounds are still side surrounds, even if they're mounted a little behind the listening position, so they should be separated as widely as possible, almost to the side wall or where the side wall would be except for the L.

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#334168 - 01/11/11 09:06 AM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: JohnK]
tjayl Offline
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Thanks for the input everyone.

I should have lots of room above the speaker for the top firing driving.

I walked into the basement last night, and I realized I forgot one detail. Where the left surround would be mounted on the soffit, there's an extra section of lowered ceiling which houses a pot light. I think for that side I'll have to go with a FM Ceiling B otherwise that speaker would need to be moved in about 2 feet. That side would end up being a bit lower because of this.

I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.

#334489 - 01/14/11 06:23 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: tjayl]
tjayl Offline
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Registered: 01/10/11
Posts: 13
Woo hoo! QS8 showed up today. And one FM Ceiling bracket. Plant is to use the t mount for one and the FMCB for the other. They will be about 6" different in height but that's the best I can do. Can't wait to get them hung and running!

#334609 - 01/16/11 01:31 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: tjayl]
tjayl Offline
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Registered: 01/10/11
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The QS8 are up. They sound good but I am hugely disapointed. The fit and finish on them is terrible. I certainly didn't expect speakers in this price range to look this bad.

I'm curious, if someone auditions them in their home and sends them back, do they go out to someone else as new speakers? Maybe I was sent B stock by mistake.

The vinyl on the first one is bubbling on the front and it one small spot on the bottom. In addition, something is loose inside it. While hanging it you could hear it rattling around inside.

The other one has some bubbling, but less, however the front of it looks like it was wiped with a rag that had adhesive or something else on it. It really shows up in sunlight. Lesser so at night with the lights on.

I want to love these, but this is disapointing. I'll be contacting Axiom on Monday to see what they say. I'm used to the fit/finish of my B&W CDM NTs and the Monitor Audio RS6 I have for 2 channel. They both look like furniture.

Here's some shots of my theatre area, just for fun.

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#334610 - 01/16/11 01:47 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: tjayl]
SirQuack Offline
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Axiom does not recycle returns from other people, they are all new speakers. To be honest, it is uncommon that people are unhappy with the finish, most say just the opposite. Normally, the B-Stock, Factory Outlet, QA seconds, have very very minor blemishes/nicks that most people can't even find. I have had 3 seperate systems over the years, all from the Factory Outlet, and have yet to even find a problem upon close examination.

If I were you I would call Axiom, and furnish the pictures of the bubbling on the one Q, that is the first I've seen that.
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#334613 - 01/16/11 02:18 PM Re: Advice on QS8 Placement [Re: SirQuack]
Ken.C Offline
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That's definitely not normal Axiom quality. Call them.
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