As posted earlier I got in the vp150 which I am ecstatic about. I calibrated it using dve. I used the limited pink noise and set it to 75 db along with all the other speakers. I popped in the fast and the furious today, and in DTS mode it was loud as hell. I usually listen to that movie at about 10 db below ref as DTS is usually hot anyway. Well today I had it at 14 below ref and it was hurting my ears. It also seemed like it was overpowering the fronts (which isn't too hard to do as they're polk 6700 sats). I figured if it was calibrated at 75 db that it would have the same relation to ref when watching a movie. Could it be that seeing as it is a much more efficient woofer that I was just used to the inefficiency of the polks and what I thought was reference really wasn't?