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#368149 - 02/28/12 12:15 AM Re: DIY Loudspeakers [Re: tomtuttle]
INANE Offline

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 1674
Loc: Omaha, Nebraska
Originally Posted By: tomtuttle
Yeah, I dabble. But I'm not good enough at either cabinet making or soldering to really "enjoy the process" the way I want to. It's been a great learning experience, though. And I'm constantly amazed by the gracious, helpful approach of nearly everyone in that community.

I've built a couple pairs of small speakers, and am currently completely stuck for lack of enthusiasm on another project (Roman Bednarek's Microbe SE) for my daughter.

I have some other less-than-half-baked projects, too. I would be surprised if I didn't build a Frankensub at some point.

But, speaker building kind of followed homebrewing for me. At a certain point, the value proposition of the market intersected with my willingness to pay, and I no longer wanted to spend The Time On That.

I am also amused by looking at Craigslist for vintage gear. The gratification is much quicker.

Tell me about your subs.

I haven't worked on any projects for over 5 years now. My sub shown here is the last thing I've put together. Those pictures are shown from my previous homes HT. Sadly I've now gone 3 years without a proper HT room. Anyway I'm usually pretty happy with the performance of what I build (considering the money spent) but I never really take the time to give them much of a finish. In the case of this sub I never got around to it at all. laugh

It's been so long I don't remember every detail about it but the driver is a 12inch Dayton and the plate amp is about 250W I think. I usually get my parts from Parts Express.

The performance of this sub is best suited for movies. I tuned it to 20hz and it really seems to do well with movie LFE material. My friend has an E600 and it doesn't really play much lower or louder than mine. It didn't turn out to be the most musical sub however. In the 20+ years I've built speakers subs are what I've enjoyed building the most. I've never had any issues getting them really loud or powerful or low. Being musical thou is what is hard and is where you get your monies worth buying professionally made IMO.

Once my new HT is built and get some of the toys I've been wanting for a long time (M80s) I'm going to sit down and decide if I can afford a couple subs (Axiom, SVS, HSU, etc) or more likely design two identicle DIY's. I'll probably start from scratch so not sure what I'd do with this old guy who weights a freaking ton BTW. I always felt bad taking the sledge to my car stereo sub boxes after they served their purpose.
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HT v1.0

#368171 - 02/28/12 11:39 AM Re: DIY Loudspeakers [Re: INANE]
tomtuttle Offline

Registered: 06/20/03
Posts: 8343
Loc: Tacoma
That's cool, Ben. I like how you made that sub a column instead of a big box.

I like the concepts behind the Rythmik designs, and am considering going with one of their sealed 15's whenever I get the requisite levels of time, money and itch.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem

#368172 - 02/28/12 11:50 AM Re: DIY Loudspeakers [Re: INANE]
ClubNeon Offline

Registered: 02/06/09
Posts: 3453
Loc: Western Maryland, USA
If I can get this house that I want, I'm going to build an infinite baffle from Rythmik parts.
Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K, PDP-5020FD, DV-79AVi
Axiom M22s, VP150, QS8s
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#368198 - 02/28/12 01:58 PM Re: DIY Loudspeakers [Re: INANE]
INANE Offline

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 1674
Loc: Omaha, Nebraska
I love looking at peoples IB projects. A friend of mine (on a serious budget) installed two 12 inch drivers in his ceiling!
HT v2.0 !
HT v1.0

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