Saw this ad on Kijiji. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with "Nuance" speakers, but they were a bit of a phenomena a few years ago in Alberta. Think of the polar opposite of a HTIB that can be wall mounted and basically hidden-huge, loud, clunky. Here's a funny quote someone posted in response to some of the preposterous ads from people selling their used speakers that they got hosed on when they first bought them from International Stereo.

"Hey guys. I'm looking to purchase a whole bunch of overpriced Nuance speakers. I'm looking for rectangular cabinets finished in the high end black or oak laminate. I'm aware the on-board amp is most likely fried, but we got a local Nuance Rep that can fix em right up. There are only 4 pages of Nuance speakers in the Edmonton Area and I'm afraid the pickings are getting slim. If you don't know the model number please refer to the height of the speaker(bigger is better) or the amplifier module number, N100 etc.. I know these are really expensive speakers and boast amazing R&D. Im a big fan of re-enforced MDF cabinets, small simple crossovers and coated paper woofers that give you that uber high end look and feel. Not to mention the platform sharing. The same tweeters are shared throughout the entire product line. I feel comforted knowing that my $10,000 speakers have the same tweeter and driver assemblies as a $1000 set. This makes Timbre matching more easily accessible. I'm willing to pay top dollar. For example if your speakers cost $5000 at the time of purchase Id be willing to pay about half of that, or I can trade for something of value like an ATV or a Ford ranger. Both are in great shape, pics upon request. I'm looking at two complete home theater systems and will not consider any less than Nuance speakers. Similarly priced speakers just don't give me that overall big boxy feel. So If you have a reputable speaker brand that still manufactures and sells speaker's and probably even tests their designs in an anechoic chamber, Like Focal, Paradigm, B&W, Energy etc... I'm not interested,


Here's a link to the ad, but it may be removed in the near future.

The poster has pictures of B&W Nautilus' and a few other high end stuff.