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#374091 - 04/23/12 08:57 PM Re: Speaking of LED lights.... [Re: michael_d]
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Originally Posted By: michael_d
I don't know what to think now.... When you buy bulbs for a vehicle, 4300K is white. Anything above that and you start getting a blue tint. When calibrating a display, you shoot for 6500K to a neutral white. Maybe there are different standards for different applications?

6500 K is the color temperature of sunlight (daylight at noon?). That is why you calibrate to it. The other thing to look at is CRI (color rendition index I think). 100 would equal exactly the same spectral distribution as the sun. Anything over 90 is acceptable, over 95 is very good.

4300k would be warm white. I think incandescent bulbs are lower than that. I personally can't stand incandescents and have switched over to daylight CFs. I'll make the switch to LED soon. There seem to be more and more options available.

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#374100 - 04/24/12 12:10 AM Re: Speaking of LED lights.... [Re: michael_d]
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Originally Posted By: michael_d
When I installed my first HID's in one of my rigs, I was told to go with 6000K, and that they were the "brightest". I hated the damn things. They turned the snow on the road blue, hid black ice and gave me a friggin headache. I then moved to 4300K and everything looked clear, no blue or yellow tint whatsoever.

There is something to that. Water tends to scatter bluer light, while redder cuts through it. My RX-8 has Xeon bulbs, and I love how bright they look, but I'm in the process of swapping out the "white" fog lights for multi-tint, that are designed to actually cut through the fog (go figure) and rain.
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#374110 - 04/24/12 05:21 AM Re: Speaking of LED lights.... [Re: RickF]
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Hey Mike, here's a pic that is more of a true representation of the light that is thrown off by our lights...

Our Room


#374124 - 04/24/12 10:50 AM Re: Speaking of LED lights.... [Re: RickF]
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Thanks Rick. I do like the light color you have there.

Chris - I have 3000K HID for fogs. They are way yellow. So much so, I can't stand them. They do however work quite well when I need them. I think something in between 4300 and 3000 would be a bit better though, as the 3000K just aren't bright enough.

Fred - thanks for the explanation. That makes sense to me.

#376037 - 05/14/12 01:23 AM Re: Speaking of LED lights.... [Re: JanetMa]
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I installed 4300k HID for low beams as well as a set of 4300k fogs on the Acura. They are both bright white. Makes it much easier for an old guy like me to drive at night on our mountain roads since we typically don't have street lights.
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