I know these are discontinued, but please hear me out.

We have an Onkyo TX-L5 my girlfriend's giving to her sister to replace a Bose Lifestyle 5. This is a slimline receiver, rated at around 35W RMS. In conjunction with another old sub, a Cambridge Basscube 8, I wanted to get her an inexpensive pair of speakers for music use; she could eventually upgrade to 5.1 if she desired.

The M2i's are a fantastic deal for $230 at the outlet, but I can find used M1's and Zeros for around $120 shipped; this is a major consideration, as I have already bought a DVD player and MX-500 for the sister, and am giving her my bedroom receiver and subwoofer.

Having both the M22's and M2i, I revel in Axiom's sound, and understand the old hybrid tweeter in the M1 and MZero became strident at high volume. However, considering the systems intended usage and limitations (music at moderate volume, limited power reserves, and small sub to handle bass duties), can the MZero or M1's do the job?

How similar are they tonally to the M2i? Dyamically, the M2i would be plenty sufficient; is there a "loudness" difference between the designs?

Any help would be appreciated, as always, from the forum members. Thank you so much in advance.

On a completely seperate note, how does with Beech finish look in real life? Is it as orange (burnt umber??) as it appears in the pictures?

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