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#397383 - 09/26/13 11:18 PM Suggestions on setup required
aabouganem Offline

Registered: 12/27/04
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Loc: Houston, Texas, USA
Hi everyone
Back in 2004 I joined the Axiomaudio family with a quite large setup (M80, QS8, M22, VP100/150 and EP500) and later M3+Sherwood Newcastle for a separate room. Unfortunately the setup got scattered in two different countries, with the large setup at my parent home, but its very difficult to get out due to excessive bribery to pay a customs. I keep moving every 3-5 years due to work, and I don't think I will be able to move that equipment any time soon

I have just been transferred back to USA, again in Texas. Houston this time. And first things first, I want to setup again my listening room. I was an avid reader of every thing audio, from vain magazines to the Floyd O'Toole paper on subwoofers, and I even had my own SPL meter and I did crawl looking for the perfect spot for the sub - I even got colleagues to lend me speakers to compare to my M80´s

As fun as it was, I have several years now completely disconnected from stereo, as a matter of fact, my last location I did not owned any stereo equipment because it was simply overly expensive, although I have listened and admired some really outstanding Nordic speakers/amplifiers

So, I will try to pick up, but for the start, I will ask you for advise on the best configuration for the room I will post here. Mind that the primary use for the system will be movie watching, although I am not going this time to make a large home theatre. I am planning in floorstanding mains and maybe (big maybe actually) a central channel. No sub and no surrounds.

I will not live in a house, like most Houstonians. With the company I get a deal if I stay on certain leased apartments, which open the opportunity to save for the home setup. The apartment I will stay have the configuration in the image below. Note the actual apartment do not have that balcony, so that is reclaimed as a larger living room, with 16ft length. The ceilings are 10ft high. [img][/img]

There are two outlets for the cable: 1- in the wall in the left side of the living room, and 2- the one opposite to what says "balcony", which are only windows now.

As a curious person, my first thought are the LFR1100 just to try them. As I had the M80 and M22, something different was my thinking, but I understand those might be overkill for this room. I still like the ADA amplifiers, and I have not made my mind on any particular preamp or receiver.

Any thoughts on the configuration on this room?


#397424 - 09/27/13 09:41 PM Re: Suggestions on setup required [Re: aabouganem]
JohnK Offline
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Alberto, welcome back. Studying the apartment diagram, it appears that the 16' length without the balcony might provide enough room for the LFR1100s. They should be a few feet from the wall behind so that the rear drivers have room to disperse their sound. You should sit far enough(say, at least 8')from the front drivers for their sound to blend before it reaches you. So, you'd probably have barely enough room to position the LFR1100s effectively.

If your primary use will be movies though, there are many where the surround effects are important to the enjoyment. Although it might be difficult to find a position for side surrounds, I'd still suggest that you consider them, rather than just mains. Possibly you could place QSs on high stands a few feet to the side of the listening position. Although the almost omni-directional dispersion of the LFR1100s adds greatly to the spaciousness, they alone don't provide the directional surround effects in movies which require actual speakers positioned as surrounds. Either the M80s or LFR1100s should be suitable for the mains.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#397427 - 09/27/13 09:46 PM Re: Suggestions on setup required [Re: aabouganem]
chesseroo Offline

Registered: 05/13/02
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Loc: western canada
My first question would be, are you moving again in the future and if so, what are the chances you won't be able to bring these speakers with you again?

Depending on those answers, i might say 'buy small' vs. buying big LFRs.
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

#397438 - 09/28/13 12:10 AM Re: Suggestions on setup required [Re: aabouganem]
aabouganem Offline

Registered: 12/27/04
Posts: 100
Loc: Houston, Texas, USA
Cheseroo, yes, I will be moving again but this time I can take the speakers, and any electronic that works at both 110-220v. If 110v only, then it will be sold here.

JohnK., thanks for the answer.If I go LFR1100, maybe in a couple of months I add the surrounds + center channel. I used to do a lot of stereo only listening, I own about 200 CD, but they are located in the same place as the M80. That is the reason for me to consider LFR1100

Thanks both

** note: I might have written much and give the wrong impression. Is not that the speakers are in an impossible place, they are in Venezuela, as I send them there when I left the US as I was going to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Then I was in North Africa, and the last 5 yrs in Europe. But the process to export the speakers thru customs requires time I dont have and extra money (bribes) I don't want to pay. My father is a musician by hobby, so the speakers are being used and enjoyed.


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