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#398576 - 11/15/13 12:40 PM M22 Help
Chris Offline

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I am considering making some changes to my home theater. I currently have M60's for my fronts and a SVS PC-13Ultra sub.

I am thinking of going dual box subs. But to do this I need floor space, so was wondering if I could drop down to the M22 for my fronts and set those on top of the Dual box subs.

Was wondering 2 things.

1. And most importantly, would I lose any sound quality on going down to the M22's? I would say 90% of the use would be for movie / Tv watching and 10% music.

2. Would the subs rattle to much to use it as a a stand for the speakers? Anyone ever try this setup before?

Thanks for any assistance!!!

#398577 - 11/15/13 12:50 PM Re: M22 Help [Re: Chris]
exlabdriver Offline

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I'll post my replies to you at AVS that may be of interest to others here. I'm sure that there might be some opinions from our resident experts here:

I have exactly that set up - 2 X M22s that sit on top of 2 X Velodyne 10" subs (perfect height) along with a VP100 CC & 2 X QS4s surrounds. The L & R Fronts flank my TV/AV Stand & look really good this way.

In my medium sized HT room they work wonderfully with no rattling or artifacts of any kind. Good idea - go for it...



Interesting & puzzling. Stick-on isolation feet are supplied with each M22 & there are no audible problems using them that I can ascertain.

The advice that Axiom gave you is quite contrary to what I've read over the past couple of years in their forums amongst users about the performance of M22s + Subs vs M60s. Generally, the above bass freqs are very similar; however, the low end is more capable due to the powered subs taking up that load.

I am living proof that this setup works & works very well - excellent in fact for HT, IMHO. In my medium sized room, sitting 11 feet back, I normally set my Denon AVR with Audyssey at -10 Db because most movies are just too loud above that.

To give you an idea what they look like in this configuration, here are pics of my system that has been recently updated with a new Sony LED & VP100 CC. The L & R speaker setup is still the same:


#398695 - 11/20/13 01:37 PM Re: M22 Help [Re: Chris]
snazzed Offline

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I do the same. Smaller room, about 12x14... R channel has a DIY speaker stand. L channel sits atop an Outlaw LFM-1 plus. This was planned so the DIY stand was designed to match the height of the LFM sub.

I have had th M22s on stands with the sub elsewhere when experimenting with speaker placement. No notable reduction in quality placing them on top of the sub.

please note, the M22 sits at the very front edge of the sub to avoid reflection.

M22, VP150, QS8 <--all v2
Sub: Outlaw LFM1-Plus
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#398697 - 11/20/13 02:42 PM Re: M22 Help [Re: Chris]
brwsaw Offline

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"1. And most importantly, would I lose any sound quality on going down to the M22's?"

This would be the same consideration I would like confirmation of.
Ideally from someone who's heard both in the same room.

#398699 - 11/20/13 04:34 PM Re: M22 Help [Re: Chris]
Nachosgrande Offline

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When you say "sound quality", do you mean linear response? Accuracy? Perhaps some other owners can chime in here, but an M22 with sub (properly situated) can sound similar to the M80 sound profile. If you do a search on the board you may be able to find the thread.

How large is your room? I think that would be the determining factor based on loudness levels, where the M60 would have an advantage. If it's a moderately sized room, the M22 + sub would be a good fit, especially if you are running 90% movies/tv
Epic Grande Master 500 w/ on wall VP180

#398705 - 11/20/13 09:33 PM Re: M22 Help [Re: Chris]
JohnK Offline
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Chris, I don't know what the "advice" that Axiom gave you that Tom referred to was, but the M22 plus a good sub is excellent and there's no good reason to suspect that the M60 would have any advantage above the bass. If anything, in the all-important mid-range the M22 would have an edge in playing loudly with low distortion since it has two 5 1/4" drivers vs one for the M60 to handle this.

Your proposal to use two subs as stands for the M22s(as some of our members already do)should work well. A suggestion as to placement for minimizing room modes would be to place each sub 1/4th of the distance in from the side walls.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.


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