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#398940 - 11/28/13 06:41 PM Receiver for epic 80-500
tschmelcher Offline

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I'm considering getting the epic 80 set (with an EP600 instead of the EP500). I don't currently have any A/V receiver. Obviously I want one that will do these speakers justice but I don't want to pay for features I don't care about like 7.1, multizone, upscaling, Blu-ray/Bluetooth/AirPlay, etc. Is something like a Denon E200 sufficient or should I invest in more power? My room is pretty large.

#398943 - 11/28/13 10:48 PM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
Crimson Wrath Offline
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Others will chime in that are more knowledgeable, but I personally can tell from my experience that right now I am needing a dedicated amplifier because I didn't think I would need one/was too cheap to get one for my new system of M60s/VP150/QS8s a few years ago at the time. If you're in a large room and like to even occasionally crank up the volume you're much better off getting a dedicated amplifier. I'm regretting not having one now because the sound gets really harsh with the amount of power my current AVR supplies, and am shopping for the best option right now.

I'll have to replace my current AVR as a result because of the lack of options it has for a truly powerful set of speakers like the Axioms such as ones in the Epic 80 set (such as pre-outs for additional subs and amp). Pay now for decent power or pay later and maybe have to replace whatever AVR you get in the future due to lack of power. You can still get a good receiver at first but really think about external amplifier options.
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#398944 - 11/29/13 12:07 AM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
JohnK Offline
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TS, welcome. It depends how much "justice" you want. Your listening distance is a more important factor than room size. A room doesn't have to be "filled" with sound at the level that's sufficient where your ears are. An amplifier rating of 75 watts, such as the one in the E200, would handle a brief peak on the order of 102-103dB with M80s at a typical listening distance around 10 feet. This should be sufficient for most listeners who don't care to damage their hearing.

I'd suggest that you consider buying a unit with the very important feature of room correction processing. For very little more than the E200, if you want to go with Denon consider the 1613, which has Audyssey MultEQ. The 1613 factory refurb, which should be at least as reliable as a brand-new unit, is available from Accessories4less for about $210.

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#398956 - 11/29/13 08:43 PM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
tomtuttle Offline

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I'm not sure it's reasonable to spend ~$3,000 on speakers and $200 on a receiver. That seems pretty out of balance to me. You will probably find that the new speakers reinvigorate your listening to such a degree that you become a bit more liberal with volume than you had before.

I agree that room correction is nice to have, and would encourage you to look at receivers in the $500 range that include preamp outputs in case you want to add external amplification later. Of course, you may not use either the extra power or the extra features, but you really can't know how the new speakers will change your habits or expectations.
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#398958 - 11/29/13 09:41 PM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
Lampshade Offline

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I brought my 80's over to a friends house and hooked them up to a very expensive Onkyo. It was very educational. Tom's last post my the best ever common sense post in the history of this forum.
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#398962 - 11/30/13 01:04 AM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
tomtuttle Offline

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You're mockng me, aren't you?

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#399012 - 12/02/13 08:43 AM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
Murph Offline

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No, I think he was serious.

I was mocking you...

but not on the forum...

but, I only mock friends...

it's strangers and enemies I'm polite to...

and bears...

I never mock bears.
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#399021 - 12/02/13 11:24 AM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: tschmelcher]
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Well, barely, anyways.
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#399182 - 12/10/13 09:07 AM Re: Receiver for epic 80-500 [Re: MarkSJohnson]
TroyD Offline

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As Tom says ^^^^^

Also, I don't think a E200 is a good 4 ohm choice of reciever, I don't even think it is capable, I think it is good for 6 ohm. Not that it wouldn't run a 4 ohm, but at higher volumn or Certain movies ....... I don't know ... I would atleast get into the X-x000 series.

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