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#399877 - 01/10/14 01:23 PM Bendable TVs...
sonicfox Offline

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I wonder who's gonna be the first here to buy one.

Are they trying to go for a home IMAX experience or what?
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#399878 - 01/10/14 01:37 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
nickbuol Offline

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No silly, this is your home IMAX experience:

IMAX Private Theatre

As for the OLED TV that you linked, the OLED panel itself is inherently flexible until a frame is put around it.

Not sure why anyone would want to curve one of these screens until you get into the super large size (say like in the 150" range) since at smaller size, you end up with a distorted image.

I wish I could find the article I read about all of these curved OLED displays and how they are much better "flat" but that it was more of a marketing "gimick" at this point to make them seem more unique and "cool" to the un(der)-educated consumer with the cash to blow on a new TV.

Don't get me wrong, I've been wanting OLED to come to the market in a big way, and I think that the technology is finally the major breakthrough that people have been wanting for a long time. I mean, they essentially "print" out the OLED panels, and can in theory make them any size that you want. Imagine OLED "wallpaper", if you will. You could get the best of all display technologies, in any size that you want. If the price point hits something reasonable, you could almost eliminate the projector system at some point.

Still dreaming for me at this point since it is so pricey, but OLED is pretty awesome stuff, but I will take it flat please.
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#399879 - 01/10/14 01:38 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
brwsaw Offline

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I like the concept but would hate to see the price.

#399885 - 01/10/14 01:56 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
Gr8_White_North Offline

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I really don't think we will see affordable OLED until they are sure they cant sell one more LED or Plasma. These manufacturers are in the business of making money ,they cant move too fast you never know how long it will be until the next big thing. I hope OLED is all they purport it to be , I am going to miss plasma. The real reason originally to curve a screen was to eliminate pincushion from projectors which use a lense which obviously a OLED etc do not. Its just another gimmick. IMHO smile

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#399894 - 01/10/14 04:18 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
Adrian Offline

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Hmmm....might solve the problem of getting a big screen around the corner downstairs...
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#399908 - 01/10/14 06:08 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
BBIBH Offline

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That technology is making the retail industry salivate, as well as many others I am sure.


#399912 - 01/10/14 09:11 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
chesseroo Offline

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A curved screen will reduce some of that glare from the window opposing my present flat screen unit.
Damn mirrors these things.
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#399923 - 01/11/14 12:05 AM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
ClubNeon Offline

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Curved glass is more likely to glare, at least at some point along its surface. A flat piece of glass will only glare when the angle to the light source is the same as the viewing position (the curve will have some tangent that satisfies this equation (and if you move your seating position there will be another)).
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#399998 - 01/12/14 03:49 PM Re: Bendable TVs... [Re: sonicfox]
Hansang Offline

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Yes...curved OLED....uhmmm,, sorry. (walks off stage)


Sorry, couldn't resist.
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