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#400375 - 01/26/14 01:07 AM Re: Please describe the Axiom "sound".... [Re: Soulshock]
Soulshock Offline

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Also long term I plan to buy the Focal Diablo bookshelf speakers. However they are 10K and I can't justify that without having a proper Amp/Pre Pro/Etc. So it's more doable for me to having the other pieces in place before buying the speakers.

#400376 - 01/26/14 01:52 AM Re: Please describe the Axiom "sound".... [Re: Soulshock]
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As I indicated in my previous reply, neither my personal experience nor my knowledge of the principles of audio technology incline me to place a higher priority on amplifying equipment than on the speakers. One of the great things about the current audio scene is the availability of receivers(such as your HTR-5990)at modest cost which amplify signals with audible transparency within their designed power limits. So, I can't offer any help as to more exotic amplifying units.

My own listening is probably close to 99% music, but I never listen to 2-channel source material only on front speakers. If I followed your comments, you apparently listen to music using only the M60s. If so, my practice and suggestion to you is to use surrounds such as the Axiom QSs with a mode such as DPLII. This extracts the surround ambience that was picked up by the mikes and mixed into the front channels(there was no place else to put it)and sends it to the surrounds where it belongs, making for a more realistic listening experience.

Again, my view is that this is the way to go, rather than spending money on amplifying equipment.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#400384 - 01/26/14 02:35 PM Re: Please describe the Axiom "sound".... [Re: KobeeDog]
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Okay cool...... Thanks John K.

#400426 - 01/27/14 08:29 PM Re: Please describe the Axiom "sound".... [Re: KobeeDog]
chesseroo Offline

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Soul, i'd have to back alot of what John has mentioned here. In the various tests i had in the past of a few amps and receivers, using an instantaneous A/B switch, and when adjusted for sound pressure levels between amp units, there was a negligible difference in audio quality. That is to say, no one could tell them apart with enough accuracy to conclude a statistical probability of an audible difference.
I know that some audio buffs won't believe my word, but having done such a test myself, the proof is very clear.

John does comment about sound levels and amp power but with an assumption of a relatively close listening distance and that SPL of say 100dB is too loud. I sometimes listen to music while working in the kitchen 18 feet away and even when i'm sitting closer, i like 90+ dB SPL. As such, power IS a requirement. I've had a few runs with some lower power amps as well, 50 -80 wpc range and frankly, while sitting at my home office desk listening to music at SPL of a comfortable 75dB these receivers started to clip.
Not all amps/ receivers are made the same when it comes to power reserves, but i do believe they all sound the same when played within specs as John commented.

Now speakers, that is a whole different ballgame. There can be quite a huge difference between speakers and sound (and similar to wine, cost does not correlate with quality except in one's own subjective mind and what defines quality...around these forums it usually relates to linear response as the goal for ultimate speakers). Surprisingly, the difference between speakers is often not as 'night and day' as is often described. I think many of the Axiom folk who attended the last reunion that had a chance to hear a blind test of Axiom speakers vs. some B&W, realized just how small those differences are.

Room is a huge factor. Heck, position IN a room is a huge factor. I would definitely look to speaker position and room acoustic treatments (moving a couch, carpeting/floor rugs, wall curtains or specific sound treatments) as the first ways to look at changing the sound response (aside from considering other speakers).
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

#400490 - 01/30/14 07:33 AM Re: Please describe the Axiom "sound".... [Re: Boomzilla]
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Originally Posted By: Boomzilla
Hmmm... Well, I wouldn't know about $15K to $20K speakers, but I have really good electronics (though not ultra expensive). I can hear a difference, and I don't mind comparing them to other boxes at any price, and I'm technically a "professional reviewer," (although I don't normally admit it). I think everyone reaches their own personal "good-enough-for-me" plateau and then berates anything more than what they have (sour grapes?).

I'm sure that there is better kit than what I own available, but I've not yet heard it. Some things that most reviewers drool over (Magnepan speakers, for example) just don't work in my room. I've heard them sound good in other rooms, but they don't sound their best in mine. I wouldn't pan them in a review, but I'd have to also note that they do their best in rooms with specific characteristics that my room doesn't have.

For the same reasons that Maggies don't work in my room, I'm not even interested in trying the omnidirectional Axioms. They won't do there best here either.

Cheers - Boomzilla

What is the reason the LFRs would not work in your room? Lack of sufficient space between them and the walls?
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