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#402308 - 04/01/14 09:38 AM 2xEP500 or 1xEP800?
rprice54 Offline

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I'm sure this question has been asked before, but searching these threads for EP500 and/or EP800 gets just about every other thread, fairly ubiquitous terms.

Looks like we are moving, and the home theater looks to be a big selling point. Whether or not the av equipment comes with us is a point of negotiation. I like my stuff- but it's stuff, and for the right price, I can buy new stuff.

As I contemplate the next man cave, I'm rethinking my sub setup. I'll almost certainly get another M60 setup, maybe M80's, so not going to worry about that. The real question is do I move to two sub setup to even things out in the room, or for similar money go for a beast of a sub in the EP800? If we keep our stuff, then I plan on adding another EP500, that's a no brainer.

#402311 - 04/01/14 11:19 AM Re: 2xEP500 or 1xEP800? [Re: rprice54]
casey01 Offline

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As someone who has used multiple subs for years I suppose I am immediately biased, however, if your new room is anything like the size in the picture and space isn't an issue, without hesitation, the Two 500's(or even more) would be my choice.

#402313 - 04/01/14 12:09 PM Re: 2xEP500 or 1xEP800? [Re: rprice54]
nickbuol Offline

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Multiple subs for the win.... More than one sub helps to even out the bass in the room. Yes, you get more potential volume, but the main reason for more than one sub is for more even bass within the room. I went from 1 "more than capable" sub to adding a 2nd virtually identical sub. The subwoofer response is SO much better having 2 subs. By that I mean that you can/will get "peaks" in some seats and "nulls" in others... Add a second sub and you start to lessen the peaks and bring up the nulls. Add a 3rd sub and it helps more, 4th sub, gets things even more even.

research shows that going from 1 sub to 2 subs is the biggest bang for your upgrade buck. The benefits of a 3rd and then 4th sub are still there, but the increase in benefit decreases as you go along.
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#402315 - 04/01/14 12:22 PM Re: 2xEP500 or 1xEP800? [Re: rprice54]
AAAA Offline

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+1 for two smaller subs.

I've always preferred 2. Better everything, not only improved response over more seats, but better impact during those clutch scenes when the hero dives away from the explosion. wink

Do yourself a favor and watch Pacific Rim on bluray after you are setup. Take some tylenol for your cheeks. They will hurt from grinning....

I run the same 2 subs up front setup as nickbuol. Excellent results. Selling houses is exciting. We just sold ours. Best of luck!

#402325 - 04/01/14 01:30 PM Re: 2xEP500 or 1xEP800? [Re: rprice54]
exlabdriver Offline

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I have 2 systems with 2 subs each. The only way to go IMO...


#402336 - 04/01/14 04:01 PM Re: 2xEP500 or 1xEP800? [Re: rprice54]
rprice54 Offline

Registered: 10/16/09
Posts: 102
Loc: North Georgia
Rodger that.

#402391 - 04/02/14 09:59 PM Re: 2xEP500 or 1xEP800? [Re: rprice54]
SirQuack Offline
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I have 2 EP350v3s up front and EP600 in back.
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