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#404323 - 05/17/14 02:41 PM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: casey01]
BobKay Offline

Registered: 03/23/10
Posts: 3541
Loc: Massachusetts Badlands
I have a now 4 yr old Oink AVR. It was their totl when I bought it. The HDMI circuits never worked consistently. It was always cool with the TV, but often couldn't recognize any other units plugged into HDMI ports.

Chris (Lampshade) found web info about a patch to fix it @ an auth sev ctr. A year earlier, I'd have had to ship it to Rochester, but a new auth rep place opened 50 miles away.

They did it overnight and it cost $125. (Well, that and 200 miles worth of driving.)

It worked great---for about 2 months. Then, the entire HDMI board STB. Another $125 for labor and $425 for the new (redesigned) board. Why'd I do it?

Its orig list (I paid way less) was $2400. It's current version was just under $3000 (18 months ago, +/-). It has great amps. I've liked every Oink (integrated 2-ch amps) I've ever owned since 1983. I have also paid way more for stuff that was better. Was it 5 time$ better? Bluntly, "No", but it did hold up for 30 years (w/ one repair in its 12th yr), which was longer than the company existed.

BTW, 18 months now w/ the new board and no problems. The original was fussy from day one.

And here's another reason; the video processor is noticeably better that the one in our Panny plasma, not by much, but we did miss it when Ms. Oink was in the shop.

I could not have replaced it, at the time, recon'd, for less than around $2k, if I remember correctly. My M100's are very, very happy with my decision to have kept it.

Good luck with whatever you decide, Matt.

Your friend,
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#404325 - 05/17/14 04:11 PM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: BobKay]
SBrown Offline

Registered: 11/16/10
Posts: 890
Loc: Victoria,BC
I have an Onkyo 5508 prepro and it started changing modes repeatedly about six months after I bought it. The problem was around a ten dollar fix but I had to send it to Vancouver and was covered by warranty.It has been a couple of years now and many,many parties(cranked up)and works like a dream.

It wasn't the board itself but the cheap ribbon cable that they used, I think since then they wised up because there were alot of units being fixed under warranty.

I would personally get the Integra fixed if it was me.

#404326 - 05/17/14 05:11 PM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: oakvillematt]
brwsaw Online   happy

Registered: 10/12/12
Posts: 1353
Loc: Canada
Fix, sell, 11.2.
(13.2 if it was me)

Edited by brwsaw (05/17/14 05:11 PM)
1/2 the income and a 3rd child has a funny way of sapping your personal (HT) time...

Life is good.

#404330 - 05/17/14 05:25 PM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: Socketman]
casey01 Offline

Registered: 07/03/08
Posts: 838
Loc: Toronto
Originally Posted By: Socketman
Originally Posted By: casey01
Originally Posted By: Socketman
I too would vote for fixing it since it is a nice piece of gear. On caveat though is that I myself have shyed away from Onkyo/Integra because of their flaky hdmi boards. I have myself been eyeing a separate pre/pro and looked at Integra but I found many cases of failed HDMI boards with them on the internet. I am now saving my pennies in hopes of finding a Marantz AV8801 with Multi EQ XT32 I can afford/justify. Still if you can fix it for 250 you will likely get top dollar for it.

A few months ago, I purchased the new Pre-Pro from Yamaha, CX-A5000 and I compared it the Marantz 8801, ultimately picking the Yamaha because like you, I have owned Yamaha stuff before, liked it alot and in this comparison specifically with comparable features it was overall a significantly better value for the money AND a full FOUR year warranty.

I have come close to buying the CX but it doesn't do front wides or heights and I don't want to/cant change my speaker arrangement. I agree it is a great value considering what a av8801 is going for. There was one on ebay last nite for auction with buy it now and I hesitated and during the night someone bought it with buy it now for 2g which is half price. I was going to follow the bidding and see if I could get it cheaper and lost out.

In my case the front wide speaker deal was never much of an interest to me anyway. Obviously a matter of taste, however, I, myself, have always preferred the Yamaha DSP "presence" set-up(mine is 9.2 channels,front elevated speakers)because unlike the front wide/height kind of "faux" extra channels in the Onkyo/Marantz units, the fully adjustable "movie theater" programs in particular in the Yamaha, even in a relatively small room, can provide the listener the perception of a much larger movie theater size experience. Also, with the CX-A5000, if I wanted to utilize all 11.2 channels, I can have all the channels working at the same time.

Since I have a large, yet, pretty dead sounding room the Yamaha gives me a sound I realistically couldn't achieve with any of the other set-ups, (i.e additional speakers and channels, yet, most importantly, still limited by the size of the space).

Incidentally, if I quoted your numbers correctly, when it first was announced, the MSRP of the CX-A5000 was $2999 not $4000. I bought mine when it first came out brand new in the box for $2400.

Edited by casey01 (05/17/14 05:36 PM)

#404331 - 05/17/14 06:02 PM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: oakvillematt]
Socketman Offline

Registered: 07/12/09
Posts: 1481
Loc: Whitehorse YT
I actually was saying there was a AV8801 I found on ebay. I may still give the cx some consideration.
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#404721 - 05/28/14 06:19 AM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: oakvillematt]
oakvillematt Offline

Registered: 05/06/14
Posts: 720
Loc: Oakville, Canada
I ended up selling the unit for $420 as is. The gentleman who bought it just wanted it for doing dual channel bi-amping.

I have a Poineer SC-1528K on the way, but I am seriously considering getting the previous years model as it's a good $300 less and is pretty much the exact same unit only doesn't have spotify.

It looks like the basement sound room will be done around the end of the year. I am mid way through building the bathroom downstairs, and have the plans set out for the storage and open room. Once those are done, then I am told that I can made my listening/HT room.
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#404765 - 05/28/14 06:22 PM Re: Integra DTC9.8 fix it or flog it [Re: oakvillematt]
Serenity_Now Offline

Registered: 03/28/14
Posts: 1114
Loc: PEI, Canada
Jeepers you are a fickle one. grin glad to hear you got rid of the integra without a headache. Onward ho!

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