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#404984 - 06/02/14 04:18 PM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
Serenity_then Offline

Registered: 03/28/14
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Counter perspective,

2x SB13-ultra. My money anyway. Or if gluttonous, 2x PB13-Ultra. But your room would be more than serviced by sealed units. Svs owns the online sub market. By a long shot.

I prefer sealed units by a mile, whichever way you decide. Waaaaay better.

Your room is not that big. Even 4 SB-2000s would be insane.
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#404988 - 06/03/14 11:27 AM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
stoudtlr Offline

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Another counter perspective,

If you have any woodworking skills and the time to do it I would strongly consider going DIY for the subs. Then you can design them the size and shape you want and finish with the material of your choice for less than it costs to buy premade. My room is almost the same dimensions as yours, 11.5ft x 21ft x 8ft, and two Dayton Ultimax 15" subs in the same ported box under my screen works beautifully for me. Total spent for subs, amp, and building materials was only about $800.
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#405028 - 06/04/14 11:30 AM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
TroyD Offline

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I think I will be going with the SVS Plus. They are now $300 cheaper shipping included. Last year they were almost$400 more expensive.

I perfer an unsealed sub for movies anyways. Sealed I like for music, however, if I decide to upgrade someday to the M100 I won't need a sub for music and the Anthem has that option for music playing to cut out the LFE.
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#405892 - 07/01/14 01:31 AM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
MichaelTrottar Offline
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That's really good...
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#405894 - 07/01/14 07:50 AM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
Adrian Offline

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My vote, provided you have the skills and tools, would be the DIY'er route, if the polls are still open. There's both ready-to-assemble kits or fully diy build-ups with lots of info floating around online for assistance.
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#405897 - 07/01/14 08:13 AM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
JBG Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
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Just received my ep500 v4 and did the room correction thing with my anthem, here are my first impressions...

the ep500 replaces a ksw-15 down-firing sub 15'' 800w (made trough 1998 - 2003) I've had since year 2000

my impressions between the two (room size 12.5 x 21.5 x 7.5)

The ksw-15 rumbled a lot and shook the hole house, dishes were shaking, you could feel the bass was strong but lacked the musical punch or snap, it felt muddy and seem to lack a lot of info on the bass spectrum compared to the ep500. With the ksw-15 with a movie you could feel the explosions but with concerts it wasn't all that pleasurable.

The ep500 v4 didn't shake the house, had the volume on the sub 70% up, it seemed anemic compared to the ksw-15, it felt very precise in a concert dvd's but a tad weak with action movies I expected a little more from this sub, best description it's missing that over powering bass effect. I'm debating if I should return it, perhaps give it a few more days and play with settings, debating if I should get the svs 13 ultra or a second ep500

#405899 - 07/01/14 12:11 PM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: JBG]
JBG Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 485
After playing around with rear settings of the sub and revisiting most of the titles with mass amount of bass either music or movie I have noticed that the only thing missing with this sub is that it just doesn't go low enough (for my taste) guess I'm suffering from 15'' sub withdrawal, I'm curious in the audio differences with the ep500 and the ep800, can anyone help?

#405900 - 07/01/14 12:45 PM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: JBG]
MatManhasgone Offline

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If you take a look at the specs, the EP500 takes the sound nose dive around the 20hz, compared to the EP500 that is pretty good to the 14-15hz before it takes the fall off.

it's those lower hz numbers that are more visceral rather than audible. You want to feel the explosions not hear them.
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#405904 - 07/01/14 01:12 PM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
CatBrat Offline

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Never having a bigger sub, I'm loving my EP500 V4. It provides what seems like just enough bass for movies and music, that is with the volume knob at approx 30%. I'm not caring for any rattling the dishes effects. I've recently moved up from an EP350 V3. EP500 V4 is much better.

#405906 - 07/01/14 09:35 PM Re: Dual/triple SUb Choice [Re: TroyD]
Ken.C Offline
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Sounds to me like you've got something wrong there. Hook an audio source directly up to the sub and see if it knocks you over (turn it down below 70% first!). Me, I suspect some kind of auto calibration jiggery pokery. You could also try turning off the auto-cal/room calibration stuff and see if it sounds different.
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